School lesson

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The bell rings and another boring school day began.
We're in the same class,sitting next to each other,in the back of the classroom.
Our new math teacher,a young woman,writes her n ame on the blackboard and turn around to the class.
"Good morning,my name is Mrs Meyers and im gonna be your math teacher this year!"
I look at you and whisper in your ear:
"She's so hot,don't you think,doll?I would love to have her with us when we're having fun."
You blush and stare at me with a weird look.
"Our teacher?Are you serious?But you're right,she's really hot.."
I grin and look back to Mrs Meyers.
My hand moved to you and started to rub between your legs.
I turn to me and whisper:
"What are you doing?!"
I look into your face and smile devillike.
You try not to moan and it works for a few minutes,but then you can't anymore and a noise comes out.
And within a second is our teacher in front of us and looking down.
"What was that noise,y/n?"
She talks quite enough that the class can't hear us.
I give her a wink and she moves down to us.
With the rawest voice I can do,look I into her eyes and say:
"Do you wanna join,Mrs Meyers?We're okay with that,you know?"
She blushes and just turn around and walk away without any word.
I grin into your face and then we hear Mrs Meyer's voice from the blackboard.
"Y/n,and you next to her,you gonna stay after class."
You look at me with a surprised look in your eyes and the lesson were over really fast.
After the rest of the class left,you and me were standing in front of Mts Meyer's desk.
"So,what was that?Did you tried to provoke me?
But...I would really like to join,I mean...why not?"
I grin and grab her neck to make her come closer to me.
I can see your look next to me and growl:
"Are you jealous,slut?Do you want that too?"
You blush and nod slowly.
As fast as you can look is my other hand your new choker around your neck and both of you try to breath.
A few minutes later are you and Mrs Meyer in front of the on the top of the teachers desk without your clothes.
I would be a bad sadist if I wouldn't carry my beautiful ribbon everywhere I go,right?
And so are both of you tied together,back on back.
I look a little bit proud at the piece of art I created and nod.
I come closer to Mrs Meyer and you watched with jealousy.
I put my thumb in her mouth and she began to suck.
"And doll,what do you want me to do?I can do anything you want."
I removed my thumb out of her mouth so she can speak.
Her breath goes wild and she mumbled:
"I don't care,just fuck me."
I love those words.
I grabbed her legs and push them apart.
"Oh,I see that you're already very wet,love.Im proud of you,naughty toy."
She blushes and answers:
"Thank you,my master.But please fuck me now."
I smiled and got my hairbrush out of my bagpack.
This hairbrush slides smoothly into her and she moans with a deep voice.
I lower my head between her legs and while moving the brush,is my tongue doing its work down there.
Her deep moan intensifies and I press my hand against her neck.
"Shut up slut,or do you want anyone to hear this?"
I put my two middle fingers into your mouth down your throat.
I moved my tongue and the brush faster and she is about to cum.
A second before she actually cums,stops the satisfaction and I remove the brush and my tongue from her.
A disappointed noise comes out her throat and I laugh.
"You won't get this yet,you don't deserve your treats now.I'm going to satisfy her now."
My finger points at you and you breath faster.
You're very exited that it's your turn now.
I'm not even losing any time and ram my fingers into you.
A loud moan comes out of you and I start to push my fingers in and out,while I bite into your neck.
My other hand move back to Mrs Meyer and push also my fingers inside her.
Both of you moan now hard and I untie your one hand.
"Please,do the same thing you did the last time,okay darling."
You try to answer but you're way too horny so you just move your fingers inside my pants and fuck me.
I laugh harsh.
"Here we have a three some!I will fuck you so hard that you can barely walk afterwards!Who's your master!?"
You moan faster and louder and Mrs Meyer and you cum at the same time.
I move backwards and put my own fingers inside me,move them till I also cum.
The only noise we can hear is our heavy breathing.

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