Part 2

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Reece POV
2 days later

It was now 2 days later and shawty from the club still didn't call me
She probably thought I wasn't serious when I was talking bout something that caught my eye

I was now at one of my warehouses with one of my Tech guys
Yeah best believe I'm going all in for shawty

"This is her phone number found out her location" I said handing him the paper with the phone number

"Alright boss" He said and he started typing some shit on his computer

You know I usually don't waste my time on woman because of the lifestyle I live
Growing up in a gang it was my ultimate goal to be a leader
But I want a queen with me at the top not some random bitch

When I saw shawty at my club and she was sitting in front of me I knew she was mine

So me being me
Imma chase her ass around untill she can't deny me

"Got it" The tech nerd said and I immediately snapped my neck looking his direction he had wrote something down

"This is her adress and her workplace" He said handing me the paper

I pulled out a stack of 10k and handed it to him

"Thanks my guy" I said patting his shoulder and walked out

I got into my black G wagon and typed in the adress on my GPS and started driving towards shawtys house


"Shit" I mumbled to myself when I almost fell because I was running to fast in my own place

I was at home just chilling cause I didn't had to work so I decided to watch some Netflix

Suddenly I heard my doorbell rang and I groaned

Who the hell comes to my house I don't even like people

Opening the door I see my mom standing in front of the door

"Hey mom" I said stepping aside so she could walk in

"Child how are you doing ?" She asked with a concerned look on her face

See I love my mom but she always thinks I can't take care of myself

"Mom I'm fine I promise" I said thruthfully

"How's the divorce going ?" She asked sitting on the couch

"I'm feeling okay didn't heard from Michael since he signed the papers so he's probably just doing what he did when we where married" I shrugged

"I told you from the start that boy was no good" She said making me roll my eyes

Suddenly there was a knock on the door

"Do you expect company ?" My mom asked and I shook my head

"No I guess people just like to show up huh" I said rolling my eyes walking to the door

When I opened the door I almost had a heart attack

"Wassup shawty" This guy Reece or Maurice said flashing his perfectly white teeth ughhh

"How did you know where I lived ?" I asked with a attitude. There was a reason I didn't call this guy

"You not gonna let me in ?" He asked raising his eyebrow

"Oh who is this ?" I heard from behind me making me curse under my breath turning around my mom was standing behind me

"I'm Maurice nice to meet you" He said holding his hand out for her to shake

"Well hello Maurice my name is Myron but you can call me Miss M" My mom smirked and I rolled my eyes she's so thirsty you would think she doesn't have a husband at home

"Okey mom Maurice actually gotta go now" I said breaking up the conversation whatever it is they are talking about I don't care

"I told you I was gonna spend time with you today baby did you forget ?" Maurice said looking at me

"Baby ?" My mom snapped her head in my direction

Maurice walked inside and I threw my hands up from frustration when I see him taking a seat on the couch

"Baby ?" My mom smirked making me shake my head

"Don't" I said holding my finger up

"Anyways I'm going home to your dad he told me he wanted to show me something in the shower and I couldn't say no to that" My mom said making me scrunch up my nose

"Disgusting mom" I said shaking my head

"I'm out bye Maurice" My mom said waving he looked up at us and waved

I opened the door and she walked out

I closer the door and turned around and looked at Maurice sitting on my couch with his feet on my coffee table

"Oh hell nah get your feet of my table" I said swatting his feet away

"I like your mom" He said looking up at me when I stood in front of him

"Yeah I bet you like a lot of things now what are you doing here ?" I asked

"You didn't call me like I told you to" He said raising an eyebrow

"Your not my dad" I said

"Correct I'm daddy" He smirked and I rolled my eyes

Hell yeah he is but I don't wanna mess around with a gang leader

"Seriously what are you doing here ? I don't wanna be involved with you" I said in a serious tone

"Why not ?" He asked confused

"First my life is way to normal for your life second I don't wanna die" I said

"Babygirl I'm the leader ain't nobody finna touch me or you and by the way you're way more safer with me than with anybody else" He said making me roll my eyes

"Why are you doing this ?" I asked and watched as he stood up in front of me

"I told you I had my eyes on you, only you" He said tucking a peace of my hair behind my ear

He stepped back making me look like a lost puppy desperate for more

He smiled and walked to my door and walked out without saying anything

I fell down on my couch and groaned

Why is he coming for me ? And why am I feeling so good around him

I don't know, I want him but... I don't know

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