January 1: Not as Bad

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January 1 :

                ‘It’s the New Year’ Thought Andrew as he walked past a narrow alley ‘What a hassle’ he added as various whizzes and explosions echoed down the alley.

                “Nothing ever happens anyway” he whispers after exiting the alley onto a sloped street, it wasn’t very steep, but this was where he lived.

                “Life is so boring” he was just about to turn and walk up the street when someone covered his eyes, a familiar pair of hands.

                “It’s not that boring” a soft voice told him “Guess who!” the voice demanded.

                “Let go Lucy I know it’s you” he answered “You’re so short that I can figure it out by the way your arms are angled” he puts his hands over hers “See? Angled downward.” He added as he ran his hand down her arms.

                “No fair!” she finally removed her hands “This street is sloped! I’ am not that short!” she protested, Andrew turned to face her.

                She was as beautiful as he remembered, even in the dark, with a sole lamppost illuminating the street, he stared at her.

                Long, silky blonde hair fell neatly down her shoulders, framing a small but cute face. Her gray colored eyes stared right back at him, and a small smile was on her lips. “What?” she asked “Something on my face?”

                “Nothing” he put his hand on her head and gave it a pat “Nothing at all”

                “Heehee, I like it when you do that” she giggled “So where’re you going?” to Andrew’s surprise, she wrapped herself around his left arm.

                “Home” he answered “It’s the New Year’s Day after all, even if it’s pretty late, I thought I’d drop by”

                “Ahh I see”

                A small , star-shaped object flew across the horizon, and an equally bright trail followed it, after a few moment, a flash of light and a loud bang is heard.

                Lucy jumped and tightened her grip.

                “Scared?” said Andrew with a scoff.

“Not fair” she pouted “I was just surprised!” she yelled.

‘Heh’ he then thought ‘Maybe this year won’t be as bad as I thought it would be.’

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