{7} The Kind Kidnappers

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My head was throbbing and my heart was pounding. My ears were ringing nonstop.

"Is that her?" 

"Yes, wait until her hood is removed, you don't want to touch her yet."  Painfully, I pried my eyes open to the darkness.

"You're awake." I stared at the ceiling, I could tell I was sitting down..not lying down. My hands were ties to my back but my feet weren't, I smirked.

I finally looked at down.

I was in a cellar, just plain walls, a bar-like door and a chair in the middle which I was sitting on.

"Aye captain obvious." I remarked. 

To my surprise it was the same four that were chasing me. 

"We need all the information out of you." The girl spoke. "I object, Mikasa Ackerman."

The room was silent again.

I sighed, but kept my mouth shut.

"We aren't going to get anything out of her," Armin said. I gazed over to Eren, he was laying down seeming pretty tired and worn out, I wonder why.

"What if we-" he started but got cut off at the sound of the short man's movements.

Levi pushed himself off the wall and walked towards me, all of a sudden his hand was brought up to my hood. "Tell us what you know, brat."

I rolled my eyes.

He raised an eyebrow at me and pulled my hood off, exposing my face entirely. 

"Tell us what you know, now." 

The three moved back when he revealed her face. Her hair was auburn orange, but it was tucked in her cloak. Who knew what length it could have been.

But the most startling thing was her eyes.

Levi studied her face. One eye was patched up and the other was green, almost glowing. Yet he kept his face clear of no expression, or maybe just a little bit of the I'm-so-pissed-off motion. The girl's mouth was pressed into a line. 

"Is that a hearing mechanic?" Armin asked, gesturing towards her ear. Levi had noticed it and took a closer look. 

"Don't touch it," The girl snapped in a low yet dangerous voice. 

"Oh? Why not?" 

"Because I said so." she retorted. Levi snickered and brought his hand up, about to smack it across her face.

"Levi, she's the princess." Mikasa warned. 

Levi had honestly forgotten about it, but that wasn't going to make him punish her for talking like that.

Eren had stood forward and lent out a hand, "What's your name?"

The princess snickered, but Eren kept his hand out. Noticing this, the girl looked at him in the eyes. "Princess Bella Thorne," she admitted but didn't take his hand, instead she looked the other way. 

"Your highness, I'm-"

"Eren Jeager. Don't talk to me down in this dungeon like this is some formal meeting." She spit out.

"-and you," she glared at Levi, "Untie me."

Nobody knew, but the time she spent glaring was actually testing the soldier. 

All eyes focused on Levi, whether his decision was really to do what she said.

Instead, Levi bent down and whispered into her ear something unexpected. "Why don't you do it yourself? Bellane,"

Bella's eyes widened, and in seconds her hands broke free and she was in a threatening position to the man who kidnapped her.

"Bellane," I had enough.  I willed myself to break free from the ropes and ended up in a position I had never expected. Noticing he was the slightest bit shorter than me; almost five inches, I used it as an advantage. 

Pressing my thumb against his throat, and my knee on his stomach it took all the will-power not to kill him. "Don't ever call me that. Shorty." I snapped hoarsely. He glowered at me as shoved me back. 

I watched as his fist accelerated towards me, but a hand stopped it almost immediately. 

"Levi, we've got it all." Mikasa stated. I took the advantage to run straight for the door. "Bella!" I heard Eren call for me, but the last thing I did was turn to scowl at Levi. Mouthing the words, "I'll be back." 

Minutes later I was out in the open air. I threw my hood back on as my eyes darted around the area. "Where am I?"  

Seconds later, rain started to fall. From the light drips and drizzles, to the heavy drops. Before I could search for shelter, a voice was sounded behind me.

"Your in the 'Survey Corps,' field, Bella-sama." I turned to face a boy and a girl. 

"Excuse me?"

"Are you the hidden princess?" The boy asked. They both were cloaked figures.

"Who are you?" I ask, taking a step back. Maybe this was another trick.

"Don't you remember us?" The two asked. I shook my head. They both let their hoods fall to their neck before I inhaled sharply.

"Isabel, and Farlan."

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