|Ch. 15|

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😍I thought I'd throw in a bonding, and less dramatic, scene with Charlotte and Zhari to give some positive vibes. We were definitely in need of some love right now. 😍

"Don't let me go!" Zhari heard Charlotte scream. "Mommy, please, don't let me go!"

Zhari rushed out to the inhouse pool area to find an irritated Kelly glaring at a frightened, and crying, Charlotte.

"You can't depend on me forever, Charlotte. You are going to have to learn to do this on your own." Kelly hissed as she pulled her off of her. "Now let go!"

Zhari watched in shock as Kelly pushed a panicked Charlotte away from her and towards the wall of the pool. Without hesitation, Zhari jumped into the pool, swam over to Charlotte and pulled her flush against her.

"It's okay, baby girl, I got you." Zhari cooed as she tried to calm her down. "You're safe."

Charlotte wrapped her arms tightly around Zhari's waist and held onto her for dear life as she buried her face into her chest.

"What is wrong with you? Why would you push her away when she's clearly frightened?" Zhari snapped at Kelly.

"She has to learn to do these kind of things in her own." Kelly spat.

"She's six, you sick bi - psycho. If she can't depend on anyone else in the world she is suppose to be able to depend on her mother."

Kelly scoffed.

"She's fine."

"No, she's scared to death thanks to you."

"Whatever. Don't tell me how to be a mother to my child." Kelly snapped.

Zhari glared at her. "Get out."

"What? This is my house."

"No, this is Chase's house. Now, since I am the woman he wants, I can promise you that if I tell him how having you here makes me uncomfortable, he would kick you out before you even take your next breath." Zhari spat softly. "Now, get the hell out of here."

She watched Kelly climb out of the pool and stomp over to the double doors, yank them open, and stomp out. She didn't give not one fuck about that woman being pissed at her. All she cared about was the little girl in her arms clinging to her like her life depended on it. Charlotte was the only reason she threw the fact that Chase wanted her, Zhari, and not Kelly in Kelly's face. That little girl was shaking and her mother was the blame, and she wanted Kelly as far away from Charlotte as the house would allow.

With a sigh, Zhari ran her fingers through Charlotte's wet hair before she kissed the top of her head.

"Hey, she's gone. It's just you and me." Zhari assured her.

After a few moments, Charlotte lifted her head, looked around, then met Zhari's gaze. "I think mommy hates me." She cried, a tear rolling down her cheek.

Without a word, Zhari lifted Charlotte up into the edge of the pool and moves to float in front of her, the double doors to her back. "Your mommy does not hate you, baby. I can promise you that much."

"Then why is she always mean to me?" Charlotte asked.

"Well, because your mommy is a few french fries short of a happy meal sweetie."

That made her laugh.

"What does that mean?" Charlotte asked with another chuckle.

"It means she's not working with a full deck. She's - okay how do I put this in terms a six year old would understand?" Zhari wondered before it came to her. "I got it. Your mommy is kind of like Patrick Star from Spongebob. She doesn't know how to express the right feelings at the right time. She needs someone to help her with that so she can get better."

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