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You two we're just chillin in Hypixel, Dream surrounded by fans and you are just watching dream running around while the fans chased him.

Your skin is a (your skin ofcourse) with a green hoodie like dream skin. And a smiling mask on the side of the head

Dream runs toward you and he was like spamming crouch button infront of you and punching in the air. As you do the same too.

The chat
:OML that girl is Lucky!!!
:She got dreams Attention oml

The chat went wild and dream stopped running to invite you to his party.

You accepted and dream went on to bedwars.

As the game start you were chillin in the generator and buy wood to cover the first layer of the bed.

You rushed in the middle to get ems to have a obsidian cover right away, as you do that dream rushed to break beds of the enemies and killing them on final kill.

After you finished getting ems and you went back you see there were white team rushing over the base you quickly rushed and throw fireball and they went to the void.

-time skip-

You're the one to kill the last enemy and you both went on a victory.

You both went back to the main lobby and took a screenies together and the backround was the Logo of hypixel before Dream's fans came over and rushed.

Dream whisper you in MC chat
-Dream: I'll go get the trio we're gonna take screenies

And you looked on dream and nod your character for a yes. And dream nods too and you we're running around dream and there were fans slowly finding where you two stopped. You keep running around Dream and the Other fans noticed you earlier.

The chat
:Hi (username)!
:oh are you the girl earlier

You:Dream is talking to someone at the moment.

:oh okay
:wow! Are you and dream are a thing?!!!!
:oml no way! :O

*Dream's POV*

I went back and saw the chat, I see other fans talking to Y/N, heh, that's cute.

I chat the trio on discord

Dream: Guys someone ask on the chat that if me and Y/N are a thing xD

Sapnap: Of course who wouldn't think about that, you both always play together

Dream: I have an Idea let's prank them, I'm gonna say that we are a thing and you guys just go with the flow.

:wow! Are you and dream are a thing?!!!!
:oml no way! :O

(user): No we're just close friends.

:oh that's kinda make sense.
:yeh dey look liek they were togethher

Dream:Because WE are together ^^
(user):No! Guys Dream is Lying

The chat went wild and george was calling in group chat I answer it.

"Okay Y/N we're gonna prank the fans that both of you are together, well that's dream's plan." George said

"Guys (laughed) look at the chat, oh my god." Dream said trying not to wheeze.

-the minecraft chat-


Sapnap: you read that guys right, Dream and (user) is a THING


GeorgeNotFound: (user) and Dream sitting on the tree K - I - S - S - I - N -G

:Im crying

Dream: XDD

After that we go to another lobby and took a screenshot and I posted on twitter the caption is

'New member on DreamTeam!! Meet (user)! She will be in the next Manhunt Video!'

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