{6} Catch Me If You Can

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"CHING!" The sound of the blades sliced cleanly against the wooden board, but she didn't stop there.

"I think that's her..." Mikasa mumbled, nobody but Levi had heard her and he too, thought the same way.

"That's what you get." I mumbled, stealing a glance at the men that followed me. Now they were on the verge of tearing up, I guess the fragments of the board got into their eyes but..oh well.

I made my way as fast as I could; Shoot, jump, dodge, land. Shoot, jump, dodge- the pattern was all the same.

I didn't bother to turn of my hearing aid, the wind blowing past me was way to fast, like a train that whistles by. 

"Miss Thorne!" Hitch stared up at me as I landed down next to her. "Yes?" I asked bluntly, sliding the dual blades back into the holder. I looked at her with my stern green eyes. "What happened out there? I thought you were forbidden to go out there alone!"

"Yeah sorta, but Balto changed his mind."

She nodded, "I didn't recognize you, I'm sorry." Hitch apologized, I clamped a hand on her shoulder, "No apologies needed, how long before the meeting is over?" I asked. "Not long just-"

"RIIING!!!" I gripped the sides of my head and fell to my knees. A loud ringing was vibrating throughout my whole brain. With one eye I peered up at Hitch as she said something, yet I couldn't hear it. Just when I was about to adjust my hearing aid, my hand went limp and the whole world turned upside down.

"Bellane..Bellane save yourself." Kazune...

Then everything I thought that existed faded. 

The doors opened wide as all four soldiers marched in, "Mikasa." Levi called, she turned to face him. "What do you think?"

"It may, or may not be her. But to be safe, we should take her into custody like you did with Eren." Her eyes flashed into a glare when she spoke the last phrase.

Armin stayed silent, yet he knew what they were talking about, leaving Eren speechless. Anyways, Eren could only make out the hazy parts of what happened.

"Our next operation is to find her, and kidnap that runaway pest, I'll beat the answers out of her later." He ordered with a 'tche' in the end.

They all nodded.

"Bella-sama, Sir. Pixis from the Garrison is here to take you to training," I turned over, "Bella-sama?" I turned over again. "Thorne!" I jerked awake to find all eyes on me. "How long are you going to sleep?" Nile asked.

I shook my head and grabbed my pillow, "I'm a deep sleeper, now get out." I said, tempted to turn down the volume on my ear piece.

I threw the pillow at him but instead of the satisfying sound of the pillow hitting him, it was the regretting sound of him catching it. 

"Miss...Thorne.." I could literally hear the venom dripping in his voice. "I'll give you five seconds to run."

"One.." I quickly sat up. 

"Two..." Jolting out of bed I slipped on my house slippers.

"Three..." That was it, I'm out of here. I grabbed my pillow from the floor and rushed out the room. Luckily my bed dress seemed like any regular dress, but comfier. 

After changing out of my night clothes, I was into my 3DMG, and a suit like the military police. But this time I wore a green tie around my neck and green shorts with the black straps. I adjusted my eye patch and overcoat. Instead of the sign of a rose or a horse, it was two blades crossed against each other. A trainee outfit. 

Pixis was waiting for me in the garden with the usual smile plastered on his face. I stared at him tiredly. "I heard you're a hard one to wake up." He said, more of a question. I stretched out my arms and yawned, "You could say that."

Our training lasted for almost two hours before he finally said, "Take a long break, I think you're ready to patrol the city alone."

I was so tempted to tell him that I did- I did and I almost got captured by his own people, but..I didn't. 

I nodded and watched as he walked away. This time, I won't get captured... 






"Are you serious people?!" With the dual blades in hand, I shot both strings onto the rooftops. 

Now the four people I had seen twice before were at my back, I could practically smell their sweat.

How many people want me? I questioned with a sigh.

I turned up my hearing aid to hear what plans they made, and surprisingly it worked.

"Take a right!" I heard Mikasa yell, and so..I turned left. Simple as that really.

"How is she doing that?" I heard Eren asked Armin. 

"A mechanism..." he stated. I quickly hid my ear under my hair, just in case they had seen it and had any ideas.

"Split up," a silky dark voice was heard this time.

I sped up drastically. 

Minutes later I looked back, gone. 

 "Where could they have-" Then a loud ringing, again. 

Why now of all times? 

"Bellane?" My eyes widened, as I looked around for the source of the voice, completely stopping in my tracks. 

"Bellane? Are you there?" Kazune. 


"Bellane can you hear me?" 

"Kazune...how are you-"


A cold metal on my neck sent unwanted shivers down my spine. "Sorry I have to do this." A familiar voice whispered next to her ear.

"BANG!" The sound was only loud once, but it echoed throught and racked my body. I clutched my ears and shut my eyes, thinking it would go away. Then I felt it again, the hot sticky liquid from years ago when it the ceiling collapsed on me. I passed out cold.


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