Chapter 6

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I sat with Sarah as she cried until she finally fell asleep. Once she did I had Shawn carry her to her bed and we all walked downstairs. "She tried to kill herself," Kyle said expressionless. "I almost lost you, I can't go through that again," Shawn said with tears brimming his eyes. "I know. She'll be okay, she'll be better in the morning and I'll help her and talk to her," I promised them. I walked upstairs and got in bed. If I hadn't have come up here when I did she would've been gone. I could've lost my sister because of some guy.

There was no way I could give Luke and I a chance. When I saw the pain in her eyes, I knew that if I would've felt that because of Luke, I would've been shattered too. I laid awake for hours, just thinking what would've happened if I would've found her tomorrow morning, dead, on her bathroom floor. I stayed awake all night, haunted by the vision of seeing her in so much pain.

It was 9 am when I bot up and went down to make breakfast. I made pancakes and bacon and put some on a plate for Sarah. I opened her door and saw her laying there on her phone. "I brought you some food," I smiled kindly at her. She sat up and thanked me. It hurts to see her so fragile so... vulnerable. Then I thought, she had to see me like that. She was so young and she had to watch her sister parish away knowing that there was so little she could do.

"So, I was thinking, we could go to the store and buy a bunch of snacks and come back here and watch movies and play games," I offered. "Yeah, that'd be fun," she smiled. "Alright, just tell me when you're done eating and we can go."

She was trying to smile but I could tell it pained her. I don't understand how someone could just play her like that. I don't understand why someone would want to. She was gorgeous, long, wavy blonde hair, big, blue eyes. She could always make you feel special, no matter what kind of day you were having. And now, some asshole tore her apart.

We were walking through Walmart looking for our favorite candy and snacks. We were walking through the isles when Sarah stopped. "That's him." I looked over and saw him and his friends walking down the isle. His eyes met her's and he looked pained to see her so hurt. I grabbed her hand and we began walking to another isle.

We finished and checked out, we got into my car and began driving home. "What movie do you wanna watch?" I asked her when we stepped into the media room. "Something funny, how about Plains, Trains, and Automobiles?" "Yeah, that's fine." It was around 1 when the first movie ended and we went out and got something to eat.

"So what movie now?" I asked her when we sat back on the couch and began eating our food. "The Truman Show," she answered. As we were watching I saw her phone go off. When she checked her texted her, she looked hurt, sad, and confused. I wonder if I would ever be able to give someone a chance. I couldn't risk being hurt. "Whose it from?" I asked already knowing the answer. "It's from Brennan," she answered. "What did he want?" I asked. "He just wanted to talk," "Did you answer?" "No, I really don't want to." Good.

Sarah fell asleep during the movie and I checked my phone for the first time today. Luke texted me and I asked if I wanted to hang out when he finished working. I replied back and told him I had plans with my sister all day. Why do I still like him? I know I can't but I do. I don't want to end up hurt. I can't go through depression again, I can't go through that kind of torture again.


It was 8 o'clock and Shawn, Kyle, Sarah, and I were at the table finishing diner. "Do you guys want to play a game?" Kyle offered. "Can we play Apples to Apple?" Sarah asked, "Yeah sure, I'll go get it out." He stood and walked upstairs to the closet to retrieve the game. I know I shouldn't be thinking about Luke but I was. I didn't want to but I couldn't help it.

The next day I woke up at 9:03 and started getting ready. I put on light wash, skinny jeans, an Aztec crop top, with maroon vans. I walked downstairs and saw Sarah and her best friend Xia sitting on the couch in the living room watching tv and eating breakfast. "Hey guys," I said I saw them. "Hey," Xia replied. "So what are you guys doing today?" I asked. "I don't know, we might go to the beach later," Sarah replied. Guess someones not in the mood for talking. I grabbed my board and went outside. I needed to clear my head.

I wonder if I did give Luke and I a chance, how would we end? Would everything that we had in the beginning die, or would we achieve the inevitable and stay together. It's usually so easy. I can just tell myself that what I'm getting into wasn't going to be good and all feelings I ever had would just go away. Not with Luke though. Not with him.

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