33: Nikahfied!!💍 (Married)

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Author's POV:

          Thousands of white and red roses, secured in a bunch were covering the bride's house, that was bustling with happiness and anticipation as soon, the beloved daughter of this house and the Noor of Saeed family was going to be married.

           Saeed, father of  the bride who was sitting on his wheel chair beside the Maulana who was going to proceed the Nikah was busting with joy. The old man's face was shinning at the same time his eyes seemed moist. Why won't they will be, he was about to give away a part of his heart, his daughter.

          Near his wheel chair was standing Aminah, lovely mother of Aayat, dressed in a beautiful off white dress with a red coloured scarf. Her eyes were also shone like crystal as she talked to the close family relatives now and then. It was natural of her to end up in tears any moment now. Even though the Rukhsati ( the moment when bride leaves her parents house and goes with her Husband) was going to happen tomorrow, she couldn't resist herself from resisting her tears on the thought of it.

          Among the group of elderly women was standing the daughter in law of house, Aiza. Who was dressed in a plain red saree with white scarf that had golden border design. She was serving the drinks to the relatives.

        The Nikah day was decided to be kept intimate with only close family members from both the sides along with friends. But it was an Indian wedding, even then the whole drawing room was filled with numerous people, who were waiting for the groom's arrival.

          Umair, the brother of bride was doing the last minutes arrangements. Contrary to his parents, he had put up a cheerful expression on his face. A mask, to cover up the feelings that he was feeling about his baby sister getting married. A mixture of happiness and sadness.

         Having no idea of what wedding really meant, Zoya the Niece of bride ran up and down the stairs along with her friends. She was waiting to see her Phupho ( aunt ) who was sitting up the stairs, in her room.

         "Aayat, I will go downstairs now. Sham will be downstairs any minute " Said Naiza refering to her husband , exiting the bride's room.

"Wait, check on Soniya also. I don't know why she isn't here too." Said Humaira who was applying the lipstick on the bride's lips.

         Naiza closed the door behind her, leaving Humaira alone with the bride. With the last touch of soft gloss she moved from the front of mirror as the bride was completely ready.

          There sat Aayat, the Bride dressed into beautiful set of Kurta and Shalwar, an Eastern styled dress of Off-white colour , heavy but with neutral balance of motifs and pearls designed on it. The slick strap heels that offered the view of her henna clad feet were worn by her. The henna clad hand were placed gracefully on her lap, the red rose bangles making them look more beautiful. The diamond necklace on her neck and earnings of the same set, were looking nothing Infront of the ever beautiful face of her.

          "Here you go." Said Humaira finally placing the red bridal Dupatta (a kind of scarf" on her head, letting it fall on her face and covering half of it.

"You look perfect!" Humaira said but Aayat kept herself silent.



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