I got tagged :))

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i got tagged by DrunaShipper

1. my favorite color is now black
2. i have an obsessions with eyeliner
3. i'm around 5'4
4. i have bangs
5. i hate mushrooms
6. i like south park, like a lot
7. i love the Percy Jackson books, but the movies suck
8. i like almost any kind of music besides country
9. my name is reese
10. i simp for Denki

i looked up jokes on google and they all suck, so that's why the joke i'm gonna put is probably going to be the stupidest thing you've ever read.

i literally cannot bring myself to type out one of these jokes i just can't.

spoiler: Hadrian is gonna murder a few people soon.

and now for the people i'm tagging

txtal_drama Dramatic_Tot lazarusplantss eyecantsweem monicasbaby

that's all i'm tagging cause i'm lazy

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