- him ....

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- Him 

Waiting impatiently for Christian to come back, I start to ponder on the recent event of Luke's outburst. Who was this Lauren? And what happened to her? Was she like me - a sex slave? But the worst question is was Luke really going to kill me? 

The instant reminder of that incident draws me back to Christian, what had happened then, when I felt connected to him? Did he feel it to? Or was it just my imagination? ... However, I believe he felt it to he wouldn't look so horrified or amazed otherwise.  

The door to my room begins to open and I am disappointed even before I know who it is; It wasn't Christian - I could tell it wasn't, I couldn't feel his presence. But when I saw Ashley Tant step into my room shock fills my whole body. 

Ashley smirks at me. 

"Told you; there would be consequences. Oh deary me, you should of listened to me when I said you shouldn't go out with him, you would of saved yourself all this - trouble." 

Ashley bends down to pick up my tray and puts it on my bleeding vagina, the coldness of the metal tray seeps into my skin; I'm glad it does as it starts to numb the unbearable pain that surrounds my vagina.  

Looking at my plate I can just about detect some sort of meat and was that mash? 

"Ahh. Sorry about our hospitality. Seeing as we don't eat food, we are not very good at cooking."

Her statement settles me to a halt.

"But weren't you all human before?" I say as I begin to dig into my meal; I never noticed how hungry I was before.

"Oh, well that's a different matter (she say's smiling to herself) some of us where some of us weren't."

"What do you mean?" 

"Well, take Christian and Luke their both born vampires from their father; author of Dracula by the way. Me - however is a made vampire half of what they are."


"No that's enough; I have told you more than I should have. You finished that? I need to get you cleaned up as well."

"Cleaned up?"

"Yes, do you really want to stay like that?" She says shaking her head in annoyance.

"Why are you being so nice?"

Ashley bends her head back and howls with laughter.

"I'm not being nice with you Sasha, I'm just being more moderate because I'm happy because of the state you’re in, and it is very pleasing."

And with that she sets off to work, scrubbing me down, causing more pain and making my body ache so much more, after she cleans me, she dresses me in new fancy black lace lingerie and just as she's about to clothe me; the door opens and Christian comes in. 

"Ashley you may leave now, I will carry on." He say's nodding as Ashley as she walks by.

As Ashley leaves the room he begins to walk towards me, he picks up the purple skimpy dress and rubs it between his fingers and shakes his head in disapproval.

"Why did you pick this choice?" 

So taken back by his question I am left gob smacked and it takes all of might to conjure up my explanation.

"I ... well ... anything's better than death ... right?"

"Hmmm.  Maybe; But do you really think you will survive going through all of this? Your hardly scraping by now."

"I'm fine, just a bit sore and achy."

"Your womb has been demolished, you call that fine? And you think that will be the worst of it?" He says shaking his head again.

"I ... My ... What?"

"He never told you?" He says as he turns to face me, his eyes are fixated on my body and his breath becomes heavy and rasped. 

Removing the dress from his hands he begins to dress me and with the slightest scrape of his skin on mine I gasp in surprise of the electricity that ran through us.

Looking up at Christian I can tell he felt it too, wonder was on his face horror was also present on it. 

Looking up I can see Luke has entered the room and now is back to his calm (if you could call it that) self.

"Christian, we need to talk ... now, would be nice"

"Oh, what you mean in private?"

"Don't get all smart-ass on me, just hurry up we have problems and seining as you are leader it is your duty to attend." 

"Trouble? O-dear, I will be out in a minuet; I just need to finish up."

Luke gives a swift nod and exits the room.

"I've got to go; we will talk more later, just try to survive, I can't be dealing with more innocent blood on my hands." Christian says as he shakes his head while leaving the room.

Innocent blood? Wasn't everyone he killed innocent? 

The door opens again and even though I know it isn't Christian I still hope that it is; I don't know why I feel the way I do around him, he feels - safe, secure and it feels like I know him from somewhere before. 

But it is not Christian it is - Lawrence. 

He stands there before me licking his lips. 

"I can't control myself - your blood is calling me - needing me to take it from you, to drain you to have it lavish in my mouth." 

Lawrence was on me in seconds, however I was ready, grabbing him by his forearms I try to wrestle him off me even though his strength is a lot stronger than mine, trying to pry him off me to stop him reaching my slender neck, trying to keep my promise to Christian - to keep alive. 

An almighty crash echoes through the hall way and then everything goes pitch black...

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