Death would of been better

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Death would of been better 

 Looking at Luke I could tell he was enjoying my terror as I picture this slime ball all over me. Imagining him doing the things Luke did the night before, but worse. I cringe and the horrible stomach twirling returns in my gut; I think I’m going to be sick.

"That's not very nice, is it now Sasha. This is Malki and he is very keen to show you a whole new experience. And with that, I will be gone. Oh, and remember Sasha don't go having fun." Luke say's as he winks at me as he turns and exits the room. 

Malki stands there, eyes boring into me as he licks his lips; as if the sight of me was tasty. His eyes reflecting something nasty and animal like. His eyes; gleaming in delight as they stare at my naked battered body.

"Oh, were going to have a lot of fun." Malki says in a disgruntle voice and with that he was on me pining me down.

Whipping his and mine clothes off in a flash, he starts thrusting me so hard I can feel myself bleed at the force of his sex. As he lingers above me I feel sick of the smell of him, the odour of puke and decay develop in my nostrils and I gag at the smell. I try hard to fight him off of me, but he was like a ton of bricks. I close my eyes breathing hard as pain rushes through my body wildly. 

He flashes me a grin and I can see his teeth are tinted black and yellow, as his tongue travels down my body I cringe and tears leak from my eyes.  I try to think of other things; trying to distract myself from him; though it’s no use. The pain keeps coursing through me as fast as lightning and as if my body was on fire. The feel of his on me … it just – I scream hoping someone – anyone could come save me. Wake me up from a dream. I didn’t want to be here; no one would. I just wanted to die, curl up in a ball and die, so all of this could be over with. I couldn’t stand it no more, I was never going to escape, and I was never going to live through this. 

He groans in pleasure and starts’, grinding me at an almighty force and it feels like he has wrecked my insides. A small whimper escapes my lips and heavy sobs start to erupt. He laughs and grinds me so much harder I begin to plead for him to stop, chocking on my tears I realise Luke had gone easy on me; not out of affection but because he wanted me to think that's as worse as it could get.  I scream out louder as I could feel pain in every part of my body.

Outside I can hear the sounds of voices – angry voices.

“What is she still doing here Luke?” Says; the familiar voice.

“What do you think she is doing?” Luke says, in the same menacing tone.

“I thought we agreed?” - The voice ruff and low.

“Nope I didn’t agree. You said and I listened.”-  Luke’s voice cocky.

“Luke, stop playing your sick twisted games!”-  Roars the other voice.

“What if I told you, she was the solution for all our problems?” Luke says his voice serious; for once.

“How can she be the solution Luke? I’m not in the mood for your games, I have been out there looking for the solution and I’m telling you she isn’t it!”

“But she is. Her blood is filled with fresh ……  Let’s say I know her mother.” Fresh what? I thought to myself.

“And if she was the solution why are you letting everyone spill the diagnoses? Luke when you have grown up, come see me than we can discuss how where going to save everyone.”  The conversation ends there at the sound of footsteps reciting back. What was going on? -  Solution? I was their solution? - Solution for what? 

Pain brings me back to the realisation that Malki was still here. 

His long dirty fingernails cut into my hips as he presses himself so deep into me I have to scream at the pain, a tearing pain erupts above my hips and I can feel myself falling into unconsciousness; not from a bite but from the loss of blood. 

Waking up my body feels detached, looking down to make sure. I am sick at the sight of my body, the white linen sheets underneath me are covered in a pool of blood and bits and I can no longer distinguish the details of my vagina. My legs were still wide apart and trying to close them made tremendous pain shoot through every limb and vein in my body.  

Leaving them open I begin to ponder on an idea of escape, but the thoughts of escape vanish from my head just as quickly as I thought it up. No way could I escape, in this state and there was definitely no escape.

I could feel a nagging feeling at the back of my mind, trying to tell me I had to remember something; but my mind was dazed. Words came back to me – solution? I try to pounder further, but my mind had other plans and shut down on me.

Laying there I begin to think of my parents, would they find me? Heavy tears escape from my blood shot eyes the feeling of my crumbling heart makes me whimper, the longing for them to be here, for everything to go back to normal for this to be a dream - just a bad, bad dream. 

"Oh Sasha, for heaven’s sake, would you stop blubbering it’s starting to get on my nerves."

Clearing my eyes by blinking, I can see Luke has entered with another person (who's back was turned to me), and the instant thought of Malki's arrival and the unbearable pain he put me through flashes in my mind, though the thought vanishes as I see a tray in Luke's hand.

Luke grins at me as he hears my thoughts. 

"No love, he isn't here for that, though he is here for another thing. No it isn't for your blood so you can dismay that thought right now. He's here to guard you while you eat." 

-"Guard?" My voice comes out strangled and chocked and I'm surprised I can distinguish it mine.

"Yes, guard. Christian here, how shall we say it? Doesn't approve of this (Luke raises his hand palm upwards at me and moves his hand in an up and down motion) so in the meantime, there will be none of 'fun' from Christian ... however he will have to have a go soon, if he wants to show his loyalty to the coven." 

Oh, so this was 'Christian'; the one who Luke was frightened of? Seeing Luke's anger in his eyes I demolish the thought of what I had overheard in the halls; However not quickly enough.

"Christian, would you wait outside for the moment, please. I and Sasha have some talking to do." Luke's voice became hoarse and ruff; anger boiled in every aspect of his dead body.

Christian sighs and removes himself from the room. I would do anything for this 'Christian' to come back in here, for anyone to come back in here, heck even slime ball Malki, because at this moment in time Luke's anger was like looking into the devil. 

"What do you mean frightened of Christian?" His voice rising with every word he says.

Looking at him I don't know what to say, should I confess? 

Luke's at my side in moment and a heavy slap is on my cheek, I could feel the imprint of his hand develop on my olive skin and my eyes begin to water from the sting of his slap.

-"Talk!" He spits at me.

Stumbling on my words I tell him about the conversation I overheard, the look in his eyes grew madder and madder as I proceeded with what I had overheard. 

"And then you began talking about someone called Lauren ..." I let my words drift off because at that moment in time Luke looked a lot scarier and madder than the devil himself.

"Don't speak her name!" I could see Luke's hand in slow motion come towards me. 

Then I noticed it. A small knife cocooned in his hands coming right for the temple of my head, but just as it was coming towards me - it was stopped. 

"Don't you even dare, Luke?" - Says someone with a honey coated voice. 

Looking up, I am over whelmed by the sight of this man, well vampire. - His pale skin, his dark ebony eyes and his black hair that waved its way down to the tip of his chin. The wonder of his eyes as he bores into my hazel nut ones, the feel of us being connected as one - than that feeling was gone, gone as he turned his eyes away from me in horror and wonder. 

Than he was gone; dragging Luke out by his shoulders. And even though I felt relief that Luke was gone I felt hollowness inside me as Christian leaves.

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