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Staring at Luke, I had become speechless.

What was he asking me? What choices was he giving me? Sex or death? How could I choose?

I was a virgin and had never had sex before, how could I decide. I didn’t plan having sex until I had at least been with someone I really liked. But, then again, if one was offered any chance at life, wouldn’t they take it? Death was the worst option but then again maybe I would pass out before I could feel the pain. And then I remembered back to when the carriage driver had bit me – the pain was excruciating, even though I passed out a few seconds afterwards, but having 30 of those bites at once would be unbearable, no matter how long it would last.

"Oh, dear me Sasha, your time is running out. Hurry up and decide or we will decide for you." He said, licking his lips. 

Time? I had time, to decide? 

"Not that very long, dear. Actually in 5 ..."

Was he serious?

"4 ....."

Shit! Death or sex, death or sex

"3 ....."

Should I choose sex with a coven of vampires or, being drained to death?

"2 ...."

Sex was supposed to feel good, right? 

"1 ...."

But, then again, Luke seemed fairly aggressive; I had never slept with a human boy, let alone a vampire. I paused for a moment. I needed to get out of here, I needed to see my family again, I needed my old life back. Yet, there was only one option that would allow me to do that.

"Okay .... I have made my decision." I was surprised how confident my voice sounded, giving the situation.

"Oh, my, Sasha, not what I had expected but, then again your imagination is very promiscuous isn't it?" he said with a wink. His expression made me feel so uncomfortable.

"Are you sure you have made the right decision Sasha? You know I'm not one to be pushy." I laughed inwardly to myself. Of course, he had only just asked me to choose between death and sex, but he wasn’t pushy?

"Yes." My voice wavered and I regretted letting it, I should not have show fear, fear made killers more amused and entertained.

"Sasha, you will not be able to change your decision once you have agreed." He seemed to be enjoying the moment.

Giving him the silent treatment, I hoped he would take it as a yes. There was no way could I trust my voice at that moment, as I could feel hot tears begin to gather behind my eyes.

"Very well then, your ‘decision’ has been made. Try to get some sleep, Sasha. You have a long couple of days ahead of you; you will need all the rest you can get." I knew what he really meant. What he really meant to say was, “You might want to sleep now Sasha, because, you really won’t have much time for that over the next few days, you’ll be too busy being my prostitute.”

And with that Luke and Lawrence left the dungeon, without looking back, leaving me sobbing on the cold concrete floor.

Lying helplessly on the floor I felt like I was experiencing this through someone else's body - not my own. Everything felt so surreal, had I really just made a deal with the devil? A deal that commited me to being his and his coven's sex slave?

Had I made the right decision? - Yes I was sure of it, sex was better than death, right? And as long as I lived, the more time I had to think of an escape; an escape to help me, help me get back to my family, back to my mum and dad. I couldn’t help but smile thinking of them. What I wouldn’t give to be home with them again. To have them shouting at me for wearing shorts that were ‘too short’, or when mom used to take me shopping to find a good bargain, or when Dad used to give me a bear hug when he got home from work. It felt like I had been without them for decades. Were they looking for me? They were clever, I was always home in time for dinner, mom would know this, surely she would call the police. My face dropped. What could the police do against a coven of vampires? Nothing. Simply nothing.

Staring into the darkness of my chamber, I wondered how this could have happened to me. Why couldn't I have said no to Luke when he asked to hang out, why did Lauren have to get stranded somewhere and leave me abandoned on my own. Whichever way I tried to analyse the question, it all ways gave me the same answer. This was my fault, I was the only one to blame, this was my own mess, my own stupid mistake that would most probably never end, I was the one who made the decision – the decision to become a sex slave …. A sex slave for a coven of blood sucking, vampires. The whole horror was on me …A horror that I could only blame myself for. I was so confused. I was a sensible, responsible girl. Had I really freely and willingly agreed to this? Thoughts of my family, friends, and my pending doom daunted me.

Hot tears leaked down my structured cheek bones as I weighed the odds of ever escaping this nightmare …escaping back to my mother and father, back to my neighbourhood I was brought up in, - I would do anything to be back there, back in the arms of my loving parents. But the odds of escaping were zero, and the odds of me dying were a million to one. 

Taking Luke's advice, I laid back down on the cold grey, bricked floor and a shiver crept silently over my body. Soon my eyes became heavy and I started getting dragged into a deep and heavy sleep. A sleep that I most welcomed. Who would have thought after all this time of unconsciousness, I would need any more sleep? – It didn’t make sense at all. 


I awoke slowly, revelling in a moment were I had forgotten all my hardships, and was totally unaware of my surroundings. It was a blissful moment.

I recalled a terrible nightmare. In this dream I had been tortured, and made a sex slave. What a thing to dream of. Gradually coming back to reality, I was hit hard by the realisation that my dream was in fact a living nightmare. I realised I was still in this barbarous world, back in reality.

Opening my eyes, I could now see that I was in a completely different room altogether; an amazing room. It was a room full of plush red fabric and gold silk. The cushions around the room were laced, and there was a large stone fireplace, fully lit, warming the entire room. I was breathless. A large diamond chandelier hung above the Victorian styled, four poster bed that I lay on, and, the crystals from the chandelier made sparkly shapes dance on the walls. 

Red drapes hung around my bed, giving a false sense of privacy. Underneath me the soft feel of satin rubbed against my skin and made my skin all tingly. The room had a rich, warm smell and cinnamon candles where lit in the chandelier frame. 

Had they really given me a room? A room where I may have been able to escape from? Trying to sit up, a sharp pain emitted from my wrists and feet. I couldn't. At second glance, r realized to my dismay, that I was tied down with elastic rope and, at that moment, Luke's harsh word's came back to me. 

"You have a long couple of days ahead of you."

I froze in fear of the thought of being man handled by lusted vampires. A cold wind started to wrap around my body tightening around my rib cage. I was prone to asthma attacks because of fear and I could feel one steadily creeping on.

 My breathing became rasp and my air ways began to tighten. I was going to go into shock. Wouldn’t anyone of they were in my position? A noise to the left made me turn, although I didn’t want to accept the fact that my fear had emerged. Luke stood beside the wooden door casually, as if he had enjoyed my startled performance. He probably had. His arm was leaning on the door frame, his face showing that he was enjoying my suffering. Calming my breathing and trying to rid the stress and horror awakening in my body, I began to picture an exotic beach.

 I closed my eyes and did my best to relax. The white sand tickled slightly under my feet, the sky was as blue as ice gems. The sound of the soothing sea sloshing in and out gave a rhythm that I related to, something that I could match my breathing with. The bright sun sank into the deepest pores of my very being, making me feel all warm and tingly. It made me feel whole, complete. The smell of exotic fruit tingled my senses. As my breathing calmed I open my eyes and was utterly disappointed to see Luke, standing th

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