Kidnapped during a code red at school!!!

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"Luna!" my step dad yelled. "Yes?!" i groaned refusing to move from my bed. "Hurry up or your going to be late!" I sighed and got up. "Be down in a minute!" i called. I went to my walk in closet and looked at the clothes. I picked out my favorite thing; a pair of black ripped jeans and a white tank top. It went perfectly with my blonde hair and silver eyes. I slid on a pair of gray converse and went to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror. My blonde hair was curly and my silver eyes seemed somewhere eles. I watched my face and straightned my hair. In the end i looked good. My hair fell to the middle of my back so it looked amazing with my white tanktop. It rose slightly when i raised my arms but oh well. I ran down stairs and out the door waving to my step dad as i did. I walked slowly to my god forbiden school.

Hiya! My name is Luna! I have curly blonde hair that falls to the middle of my back with silver eyes. I'm invisible at my school so i dont have to worry about looking perfect. My friends are really the only ones who talk to me. Most of which are guys, but not all.Beau, Chris, Joshua, and Elliot are my best guy friends.  Beau has brown hair(skater style) and warm brown eyes. Chris had spiked charcoal black hair with bright green eyes. Joshua has chestnut brown hair with sky blue eyes. Elliot has blonde hair and carmel brown eyes. We are kind of the out casts at my school. I live with my step dad and older brother, Eli. He looks like me but with green eyes. See our dad died and we live with our mom until she died leaving us with out step dad. He's not so bad. Well i should get back to the story.

As i walked into the parking lot i feel someone looking at me. Before i had a chance i feel two hands hit my sides. I jumped and yellped. I turn and saw Elliot laughiung. I slapped him playfully. "Elliot!" i laughed. "I'm sorry i couldnt resist!" he laughed. "If you get hurt remember it's not my fault." "Your hair seems...different," he said containing himself. He started playing with a strand as we walked into the school. "I didnt do anything to it," i said. "it just seems different." We stopped at my locker. I opened it and grabbed everything i needed. As i did someone came up behind me and tickled me. I fell back into thier arms. It was Chris. "Come on!" i yelled standing up. "That's twice today!" i added. "Twice?" he asked smiling. I nodded  toward Elliot. "Guilty," he said raising his hands. "Doesnt her hair look diferent?" Elliot asked. Chris picked up a loose strand. "No," he said letting it go. "Thank you," i said leaning against my locker. "I hate mid terms!" Elliot yelled. "Me to!" Chris and i yelled.  We turned and went to out first class. "Thank god today is friday and we only have two exams," Chris said. "Yeah but we have all classes today," i said. "Good point." As we walked into History some else hit my hips. I jumped and yellped again. All eyes turned to me. I turned and saw Joshua looking back at me. I rolled my eyes and tooko my seat. We all sat in a row in the back. We were missing Beau. My eyes looked around the classroom waiting for him. it seems that today was the day they liked to tickle me. "MAke that three times," i said. "I'm guessing Joshua got ya," Chris said. I nodded. We started talking and i forgot to be watching. As the conversation went on Beau walked in. He ran his finger down my spine and i stiffened. "Beau!" i yelled. he laughed and sat in the last seat. "Well hello to you to," i sighed. They love doing that to me. "Okay one of these days one of you are gonna get hurt and it wont be my fault." They laughed. The bell rung and the teacher walked in . He was tall with thining black hair and hawk like blue eyes. He started going off about the importants of this exam. He was about to hand it out when  we heard, 'Code red!  This is not a drill!' over the intercom. We all hurried along the wall. I sat with my friends. It was so silent you could hear a pin drop. I heard a door bounce of a wall in the distance and jumped. Then i heard something that made me freeze in my spot. A gun shot!

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