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    Waking up I felt extremely groggy. 

Why did I feel so exhausted? Had I captured a cold? No, that wasn't it…

What was it? I tried to fit together puzzle pieces in my mind. It was difficult to say the least. I felt like I had been in a coma for a decade.

Then it hit me.

Shake Away, the storm, the hot chocolate and… Luke! 

How could I have been so stupid to believe a guy like that would fancy someone like me? After all I wasn’t known as the prettiest girl at school and I can’t say I have never been bullied. Though bullied would be an understatement, of what I have had to go through in my life. I have always lacked confidence and when Luke asked me out; it seemed as if the past had flooded away from me and that I was a new and improved me. But now I know it was all just a plan to kidnap me and do what other horrible things I could think of. 

Panicking I sat up right and the room swirled around me. No. Not a room. Where the hell was I?

All I could see was utter blackness and a few cracks of light that filtered through the gaps; gaps of what? 

Then I felt it, the small jolts of movement; I was in a cage, a cage made of wood. I touched it. It seemed to be strong wood; seemingly being pulled by horses. I could hear the trotting of their large feet. Where was I going?

Trying carefully to crawl over to the cracks my muscles seized up and left me as a trampled mess on the dirty, wooden floor. 

Running my hands down my body, I could tell I was no longer in my black Hollister skinny jeans and Paramore Tee or my black converses. I felt the material, trying to guess what sort of outfit I was in and why.

It now felt like I was in a dress of some sort, a very tight and skimpy dress. I picked at the thin material that clung to my skin and I could tell instantly that it was silk. My hands travelled further down my thighs. Was I wearing stocking? I could feel the gravelling lining of the floor, and noticed that my feet were bare; to reduce the risk of escape I guess. 

Escape? I needed a plan, and I needed one fast! I had no idea how much longer I had until I arrived at my destination. My mind wondered to where I was going. Was this some sort of cruel joke? Maybe Luke would pop out at any moment and shout something like, "ha-ha! You should have seen your face!" Maybe Luke was really part of a circus, and he had kidnapped me, forcing me to join the club of freaks, travelling the world and putting on a show. These were things that I would have gladly welcomed, but I had a thought in the back of my mind. It went a little something like this: "You are going to die today."

Ignoring the looming thought, and the pain that coated my whole body, I pushed myself back on to all fours and slowly began to creep towards the only light that I could see. How ironic, how people have always told you not to go towards the light and here I am now, my only way out is to go towards it. 

A sharp jolt made me tumble forward into a corner of this 'cage'. Stars danced across my vision and a hot liquid began to flow from the base of my temple. A sudden stop frightened me to death. I could hear the gravel crunch under the footsteps of what I assumed to be a large man, scrambling around the cage I now occupied. I began searching for a weapon of any kind; to save my life. 

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