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"Cream egg, regular."

"That will be £2.80."

Looking at his name tag I could just detect the small faded letters of his name - Luke.

Handing my money over to 'Luke' I couldn't help but notice how good looking he was. His dark black hair swept across his face and his bright apple eyes looked so ... so...

"Umm, I have other customers to serve," Luke replied, nodding at me.

"Oh. Sorry, I was just ... day dreaming."

He gave me a full grin; grin girls would die for.

"I could tell." He said mockingly in his husky voice.

Giving him a small embarrassed smile I moved along to pick up my milkshake, I could feel my face and neck becoming tomato red, and it wasn't from the weather.

Leaning on the counter impatiently, I checked my IPhone for any messages.

"Hey, sorry Sash,

I can't make it into town to meet you.

Dad's car has broken down and we're stranded.

Sorry meet up another day? Love, you L xxx".

Great! Now, what was I supposed to do? Lauren couldn't meet me, and I needed her to help pick out my prom dress! Scanning around Shake Away I tried to detect anyone I knew. Many teenage girls lingered in big groups, most probably talking about the latest celeb gossip and what cute single boys there were.

I noticed one girl in the corner and she looked familiar, maybe a year older than me. Yes – that was it. Ashley Tant. She had left the previous year from my school, Tanners Brooke High. Ashley was the most popular girl in school; she dated all the hot guys and was nominated prom queen. Rumor also had it that she was a bit of a slut; okay so maybe a 'bit' was the understatement of the year. However it was hardly surprising that Ashley was the most popular slag at Tanners Brooke High, she had long silky blonde hair that she wore at hip length and a small petite body that was slightly curvy. Her skin was a creamy color that was spot free, high cheekbones framed her face and lead towards her glacier, blue, shimmering eyes, that were coated in thick black lashes and, by the amount of skin that was exposed you would think she had stepped out of 'Nuts' magazine.

Ashley however, was not studying me but studying Luke. From her face, anyone would have thought she was having an orgy. It wouldn't have surprised me she was moaning in delight as well.

"Here you go."

Looking up at Luke I saw that he was trying hard not to grin at me, I could also smell the sweet delicious scent of his Cologne, which reminded me of exotic fruits but with a heavy scent of mint.

"Thanks." I turned my back on him and began to walk towards the exit.

"Hey ... wait up!" Looking back at Luke I thought I saw him jogging towards me. Was he jogging towards me, or someone else? Looking around the room I couldn't detect anyone else, but I had a hard time thinking he was calling after me. Maybe I had left something on the counter, yes - that must have been it.

"Hey. What are you doing in like five minutes?"

"Umm, nothing now I suppose ..." I trailed off. Was he asking me out?

"I get off in 5 minutes, want to hang out?"

Oh my! Why was he asking to hang around with me? I was just a normal looking girl, yes, I was Spanish and that gave me olive skin, with mega hips and a big bust, but, on the downside, it also gave me a crazy cave man hair; that spiraled out of control and seemed to have a mind of its own.

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