Will You Leave Her Alone

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"James, can we talk?"

Her golden hair twirls wetly along the white towel wrapped around her otherwise naked body. Water drips along the curve of her neck, falling into the towel at her breasts. Her blue eyes are alive and bright, and her lips.... Her lips tempt me in a way a man's lips never could.

She looks away, knowing what's coming. She opens her locker, slowly shifting her things around inside. "What do you want, Desman?"

I approach my blonde best friend, my lover. My secret lover. The curve of her waist fits into my arm, and she leans into me slightly. Her eyes, however, remain within the depths of her locker. Avoiding me.

"Cassis, look at me."

She turns her body to face me, my hands slipping further around her waist. She watches the door over my shoulder, her brows slightly furrowed. She doesn't want to talk about Natalia, but we need to. This is getting frustrating. She won't risk her position as Captain of the dance team and just come out; nor will she let me have Natalia.

"What do you want to do." She avoids my eyes still. Growing impatient, I shove her back against the lockers. She raises her icy eyes to mine angrily and pushes me away, but I only come closer, pinning her with my body. My breasts, covered only by a lace black bra, press against hers. Her chest rises and falls heavily, our faces mere inches from each other.

"What do you want," she breathes, looking up at me, begging me to let her be. Yet, the lust is evident in her eyes, in the way her chest swells up to meet mine.

I dip in to catch her lip between my teeth, tugging lightly, wanting her. I want both of them. She whimpers, closing her eyes. "I want you to make up your mind." I nip at her neck, my hands holding her hips against the lockers firmly. "I don't want to hide, anymore." She whimpers once more as I press my thigh against her core through the towel. "I'm going after her, James. I can't hide with you, like this. Not anymore."

James bites her lip, fighting her lust for me. "Aria.... Desman, you know that I love her. Don't.. Don't do this to me..."

 My closed hand slams against a locker, rattling it, making her jump slightly. I turn away, covering my face. I don't want to stay in the closet, anymore. I'm tired of hiding who I am. I'm tired of-

I relax into the curve of her body as her hands slip around my waist. Her lips grace my back, gentle as she is, and I close my eyes. She continues to kiss there, her hands rubbing the front of my torso slowly. My hands reach back to tug at the towel, craving the feel of her naked skin against mine. It falls to the floor of the locker room, leaving her bare breasts free to press into my back.

I start to say something, but she cuts me off gently. "Shhh....." Her right hand slides downward to tuck itself into my jeans. My head falls back onto her shoulder as her left finds my breast.

"James.." I moan quietly as she squeezes my breast gently, slowly.

I am pushed up against the lockers, my palms upon them, her naked core against my ass. I don't object when her hands pull at my jeans, yanking them down and off, leaving me in my black lace undergarments. Her breath is hot on my neck as she presses her body against mine, her fingers working at the clasp of the bra. It falls to the floor.

Pressing against me from behind, she slides her hands up my front to my breasts, kneading them and teasing the darker area until it is erect. She nips at my neck gently, and lowers a hand, letting it slip down my stomach and into my black lace boyshorts.

Already moist, I feel myself drip as her fingers reach down into my underwear. "Mmh," I moan airily, her three fingers now rubbing slow and firm along my clit. My hips move with her hand, fucking it slow as my torso arches. Her right hand remains at my breast, pleasing the nipple gently.

I moan quietly for her, eyes closed, as her finger circles my entrance, teasing. "James.." I beg in a whimper, wanting her to just fuck me, already. Her lips are light and teasing at the side of my neck, her body warm and sensual at my back.

I reach back over my shoulder, burying a hand into her damp, golden locks. I moan airily as she slips a finger into me, my small walls tightening around it. My hips thrust against her hand hard and slow, her core pressing into my ass, thrusting with me. She moans huskily, and I moan with her as I feel a slight wetness at the back of my thigh. Her body presses up against mine, pushing me against the lockers as she grinds against the back of my thigh. Her hand, meanwhile, rubs hard against my clit, her finger pleasuring my quivering walls.

She nips at the side of my neck. She slowly, teasingly, she slides her finger half out of my pussy, teasing the entrance softly. My breath is rugged in my desire.

"Desman..." She murmrs huskily, kissing my neck slowly. "Do you love me?" Her finger teases my pussy, controlling me with my own lust.

I whimper, gripping her hair. "Yes."

"Mmmh... Do you really?" Her voice is full and husky, laden with sex.

I reply in a whimpering moan as her finger slides in, just a bit, "Y.. Yes..."

Her lip find the sensitive spot under my ear, and I moan. "Then... will you agree to leave Natalia alone, if I do?" She nips there, and squeezes my breast firmly, causing me to lose my head to lust and need.

"Mmh... Cass- Yes..." I moan, my voice hitting that airy tone once more as she thrusts in deep. "Yes.. Ohh.. Mmmh...." I fuck her perfect finger hard, her palm rubbing firm at my nub, her hand upon my breast. Her core grinds wetly against my thigh, her husky moans muffled against the back of my shoulder, my own light and airy as we reach climax together.

"Will you leave her alone?"


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