{5} Investigation Part Two

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"Do you see her?" Eren whispered to Mikasa as they walked behind the king's carriage in rows like soldiers...well practically, they were soldiers.

Mikasa shook her head, "No."

Levi's eyes gazed around the area for any signs of what Mikasa said- a girl with one eye patched up, the other green. Auburn orange hair- but there was none.

A deadlier version of Petra, Eren had said. Levi had this sudden tug in his gut when he heard the name, he didn't know what it was, but it was bugging him.

Armin's eyes trained around to look in front. People in their Military Police suits; a horse on their back, were guarding an area of the street.

"Eren, do you feel anything?"

"No..." Eren lied, but actually he could feel something...something numb.

"I'll be on this side of the street," I motioned to the furthest part of the street where the carriage was. The group of police scouts studied me wearily before they left. My patched eye felt as if it was twitching. I shrugged it off and pulled up my hoodie.

My 3DMG was tucked neatly under the long cloak I was wearing. My attire was similar to the trainees too, except without the disturbing plain superman cape.

The blades were hanging off the sides but I had to get used to it, those giant puffy dresses at the palace were very...er...puffy indeed.

I sprinted at a swift pace until I reached the area they were in.

The Survey Corps should be here any-

"Eren do you feel anything?"

I backed up against the wall and watched as the figures turned the corner, "No." Eren had said.
It was those five again, but with even more in number.

Luckily, they marched off in another direction, giving me enough time to get out of there.

I breathed out.

The man in front of them- as I remember was called Levi- started to look around suspiciously.

Who is he looking for? Could he be looking for-

All of a sudden two strong pairs of arms reached out and grabbed me from behind.

"Gotcha!" One said. With force I tried to wiggle out of their reach, but it was as strong as metal.

"Who are you?!" I yelled.

"Now now princess, your safe with us." They finally released me. I turned to face them, but only to see a pair of roses imprinted on their arms. Garrison.

"This is bad," I murmured, taking a step back.

Both men had their arms out slowly approaching me and of course, I did the most cliche thing in the world.

I ran.

I was only on the verge of sprinting, still only jogging when I got out of the darkened corridor. I was tempted to call out to Hitch since she was only a few feet away yet there was so many people near her.

"I can do this myself."

Eren winced and held his arm, seconds ago it felt as if electricity zapped through him. "Mikasa." He urgently called.

Mikasa turned to him with wide eyes, "Eren!"

"Armin." Levi called. Armin looked towards him, then to Erin. She's here.

Armin's eyes darted in every direction until he saw it, the quickest moments nobody would notice except him.

His eyes grew as he watched two men in Garrison suits chase another figure, a cloaked figure down the alleyway.

"Levi!" He silently motioned to the action.

All four of them turned to see it.

The figure was merely running, as if waiting for the men to catch up, before she broke into a full accelerated sprint.

Eren gasped.

It was almost at the speed of a titan, almost.

"It's a girl,"

They turned to Mikasa who watched the three intently as they sped.

"What? How would you know?" Eren asked. "It's obvious."

"I agree, notice her body movement, her strides are not as wide as the men behind her.  Plus, her steps are much swifter."

Eren looked at the girl for confirmation, but gasped.

She was at a dead end.

I was at a dead end, and I'm soon to be dead meat too.

When I turned, the men smirked at me. "Save the running for now princess Thorne, the Garrison needs you more than the Police do."

I stared at them with an oh-really? face, one eyebrow raised higher than the other. The two sighed, and started to walk towards me.

My ideas are rusty, I should've had more training with Pixis before he left.

I looked behind me, the only thing left was a towering wall. Will my strings fit all the way up there? Then I turned to find second-floor buildings, a perfect town environment for my..you know...Maneuver Gear.

"Sorry gentlemen-" I snickered at the last word, "But I like my room best in the king's palace." With that I swept my cape to the side (Michael Jackson style) and pulled on one trigger of the swords. It attached to the wall with a "CLICK!" and  I shot up into the air.

This isn't the time to enjoy it. My smile turned to a mutual line as I soared into the unknown.

I stole a glance behind me, "Ugh, really people?!" I groaned. The two men which I made fun of were right on my tail.

"It isn't time to be Jasmine and Aladdin! Just take her and go!" One man yelled. I rolled my eyes and shot the string up to the side of someone's window.

"Hey!" I heard one of the ladies scream.

"I don't care! I'm trying to survive!" I yelled back at her and shot another string through the air. All of a sudden, a wooden plank was held feet away. I reached for my blade and sliced through it like a cloud.

This isn't going to end well, I just know it wont. 

"Nande?!" Eren yelled as he watched her fly up using the 3DMG, "Keep your voice down brat, you want other people to notice?" Levi ordered with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

Mikasa and Levi were secretly amused as she watched the girl's expression when she found out about the men chasing her. Doesn't get any better than that. She thought.

"Watch out!" Eren had yelled to no one in particular as they all watched in suspense what she would do with the wooden board approaching her.

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