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Considering there is two of us, we are going to split this part up a bit because there is a lot we would like to say. And because it wouldn't make any sense for this part to be one half of the entire book, we had to take it down a notch.

So, first up is Marina, with something to say about Nataša. Nataša is a girl I went to high school with, and although we are different in every possible way, the one thing we agree on is definitely books. She is a chemical engineer and adores that chemistry, which I never entirely understood, but okay. She is married and has a wonderful little son, my godchild, who will have to know this book by heart, from cover to cover. Of all the people I'm about to thank, I start with her because if it wasn't for her, something I've been dreaming about for my entire life would have never happened. She has a unique way of calming me down, lots of different ways to make me laugh, and she is my book soulmate.

Other special people who have been by my side this entire time are my parents, who I love more than anyone else in this world, and who are not even aware of how much they have given me. No one in the world loves me more than my dad, he would come running in a second if I asked. And my mom would tag along with him. She is the first person to read everything I write, and she would search the world for anything I could possibly need. I am thankful to my brothers and the rest of my family, who are very proud of me, which I find very pleasant. I have amazing people around me who have shared every part of this book with me, and I will be eternally grateful to them, with all my heart. And what's even more important, I know they are aware of that. Thank you, Marina, Iva, Iva, Matea, Lucija, and Lidija ("k89mshl") for being understanding about absolutely everything since day one – if it weren't for you, I'm not sure what would have happened to my head. Thank you, "little girls," thank you to all of you with whom I worked and to all of you who came into my life for whatever reason. I know you all belong here.

Now it is Nataša's turn, with something to say about Marina, for starters. Marina is the type of person anyone would want as their child's role model. Kind, honest, and fair, all things I value in a person. My best friend, both by the written word and the sense of humor. Every moment of our work was filled with genuine laughter and pure enjoyment. By profession, she is a journalist, but she makes her living playing with social networks, and I can't even start to explain how foreign that is to me. So first of all, I want to thank her for knowing everything I don't because that is what makes us a great team. I am indeed very thankful for her being here for me and with me because if she weren't, my dream would still be just a dream. The way she softens my stubbornness, subdues my anger, and curbs my exuberance, is something I absolutely love and appreciate.

There are many people to whom I would like to say thank you just because they exist in my life. Because they listen to me repeat the same thing hundreds of times, because they believe in me, and because they wish the best for me. There are too many of you to mention you all, but you are all in my heart.

Special thanks to my family. To my dad, who always says: if you don't have the support of your family, you don't have anything. To my brother, who listens to my every insecure "Should I try this? Will it work?" and then answers with "Yes, it will work. Yes, you should try it. Yes. Yes." To my mom, for her selfless love and limitless faith, which makes me who I am, and for absolutely not accepting that there is anyone better than me out there.

The biggest thank you to my husband, Mario. For all the folded laundry, washed dishes, and babysitting so I could finish a chapter in peace. Thank you for the love, understanding, and patience for all my thrills, you are my soulmate. The sweetest thank you goes to my son, for being such a wonderful and good baby. But especially for being, now and forever, my biggest inspiration. I love you, Marino.

And finally, a part in which both of us are saying "thank you" because we are fully aware that without this part, this book would have never happened. First of all, we thank our publisher Ceres, namely our editor Dragutin Dumančić, Ivica Budor, and Marija Drempetić for choosing us, giving us the freedom to do everything precisely as we wished, and making it all possible. You will never know how much that means to us.

We thank Tena Sedlaček, an excellent young architect, for the cover. She took our instructions, which sounded something like this: "We would like it to be really beautiful, like, something striking and stylish, and yet simple and elegant," and designed pure wonder. How she did it, it's beyond our comprehension.

We would also like to thank Andrea Pančur, for reading a thousand versions of one single e-mail because we were in a constant state of panic about looking foolish. She never missed an opportunity to promote our story to anyone and anywhere. She has no idea how many times she saved us.

Special thanks to Alis Marić for giving us our first boost of encouragement that we are actually doing something special. Imagine a person you admire and are almost in awe of them and all that they have achieved. Now imagine that person agreeing to sit down with you and hear your story. And they like it. So much that they share their knowledge with you and direct you, while you are all awkward and confused. Alis Marić was that person for us. We will be grateful to her for the rest of our lives. 

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