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Rose looked at her phone, she was supposed to
go the dance with Fez but he said he couldn't so he texted her to meet her on the hills.

Rosita was wearing a silk black dress similar to Cassie's but shorter with a thin satin jacket.

She went downstairs to see her mother surprisingly without anyone with her.

"Oh honey, you look so beautiful."

She stopped in her tracks, her mom never said stuff to her like that in a long time. Tears stung her eyes when she ran up to her mom giving her a hug.

"I know you haven't been the best mom in the world but I still love you," she said hearing her mom starting to cry.

She patted Rosita on the back and let go. Rosita gave her a kiss on the cheek then left to find Fez.

Rosita saw him sitting on the hill, looking nervous for a reason.

"Hey bb," she ran up to him and gave him a hug.


Rosita was confused, of what's going on.

"Tell me you're not breaking up with me," she was scared, tears rose to her eyes.

Fez shot up and hugged her tight, "No! No! Ma I wouldn't never, you know I love you."

She calmed down a little.

"You know that I got raided a couple days ago?"

She grew angry to the fact that Nate had to be a baby bitch that he had to call the police to raid her boyfriend.

"Yeah I know."

"I have to leave a couple days maybe more," he stopped for a while then continued, "I wanted to tell you cause It's about my work."

"Do you have to kill someone?"

Fez pondered on that statement, if he lied then she would figured out sonner or later but he doesn't want her to know if he does actually kill.

"No Rose, I just gotta get out of town to get a new supply of drugs."

Rose softened her look then, gave him a kiss.

"You know I don't care about your drug work I just want you to be safe," he laughed after she said that.

"And I just want you to be happy, on the other hand look at you Ma," he said checking her out then he look at his watch and softened his tone, "I wish I could spend more time but I think I gotta go."

She looked at him sadly, she gave him kisses everywhere and he did the same thing back to her so he would not forget about her kisses.

"I love you okay?," his forehead touched her forehead.

"I know you do."

Fez got up again, giving her one last kiss then the dark sallowed his figure.

Rosita sat for a while thinking something could go wrong, she shook it off then went to prom.

"I am happy," she whispered.

She kept repeating that then got giddy and ran off.


this isn't the best ending
but since euphoria only has
one season i'm thinking about
making a second book
for season 2.

I know I didn't
use Maddy that much even
tho she's the main
but yeah ❤️

It's not really a
sad ending but
since Rosita doesn't
know Fez is actually gonna kill
someone that might
make their
future rocky.

I'm not really the
best writer BUTTT
I hope you liked
the writing.

Anyways I love you guys
I hope you liked this book
bye 😽😽

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