The Laws Of Love 15

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Laws of Love 15

My arms grew heavier and heavier as the seconds - minutes passed. I stood stationary, waiting for my car to make it's way into my view along with Rian.

Rian, the guy who would be taking his last breath very soon.

Rian, the guy who would be thrown off a bridge very soon.

Rian, the guy I was going to murder for stealing my car.

I shifted uncomfortably trying to fix the grip on the stack of folders. My palms sweating from my effort and death grip that I was currently losing, willing myself to not drop them onto the concrete sidewalk, where I stood. Though, I  had realized so many years ago, that luck will never been on my side, and I wasn't quite sure why I was depending on it now. My fingers slightly inched their way further and further away from their previous spot. I readjusted my grip - tried to. The increasing weight proved too much for my un-toned, non muscular fingers and in a quick sweep, fell onto the awaiting sidewalk. Papers flying everywhere in the process while, slipping out of their designated files.

Great, just great.

I desperately managed to grab the scattered paperwork before, the wind could lift them into it's gusting breeze.  I shoved the random papers into files closest to me, while stackign the rest neatly.

Where was Rian?

Time seemed to pass slowly, and soon enough the night wrapped around me. Covering me in a pitch black blanket. The only light, that could be seen on the lone street, was a flickering street light, and it suddenly made me very aware that I was alone. Here. By myself. Without a phone. In. The. Dark. Here. Alone. By myself.

It's not like I'm scared of the dark. Psh, no way. There's nothing to be scared of. Plus, only like five year olds are scared of the dark. That's what I told myself anyway, did I believe it? Not a chance.

I cautiously swept my eyes back and forth, darting them at every possible crevice I could see. I glanced behind me, my ears focusing - waiting for any sound that could give away my suspected-soon-to-be murder.



My mind went into overdrive, wondering if I should walk down the street to find a pay phone but, then I started rethinking it. What if that's what my soon-to-be murderer is waiting for?

Why wouldn't I just go back inside the firm? That's a great idea. The only problem with that is, well, the firm closed an hour ago. Jenna, sweet, sweet, Jenna, offered me her phone and a ride but, no, I figured, Rian will be here. He's just playing a joke. A prank. A funny little prank. 

"Okay Rian, You got me! Haha. Come out now." I muttered into the darkness.

Silence filled my ears expect, for the occasional breeze that rattled a tree or two.


My head swung to the side quickly. I winced, while rubbing my neck from my newly occurred whiplash. I glanced into the dark street waiting for something.


This time the sound coming from my right side. I turned my head once again. My heart pounding in my chest, wildly. My breathing increasing rapidly. I was going to be killed tonight.

I frantically looked to my right, waiting for a sign to tell me to run like Forrest Gump.

Hands shot onto my shoulders, pushing weight down on them.

I began screaming and squirming, breaking myself free from my killer.

"Hello." A sickingly, creepy, distorted voice crackled in my ear.

"AAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I yelled a scream I was unaware I could even muster. I twisted loose from my murderer's death grip and turned on my ankle. I pulled my closed fist back and in a flash, it made contact with his face.

A crunching sound came soon after the initial hit. I must've broke something but, I wasn't going to wait to find out. I broke out into a full on sprint. 

Flight or Fight mode had obviously kicked in. Apparently, my body has the urge to do both. 

My air intake was shallow, my heart pumping violently inside my chest, and if I had a medical degree, I'd say I was in cardiac arrest.

"MARISSA!" A muffled shout came from behind me, that I barely managed to hear from the pulsating heartbeat that filled my ears.

I stopped and turned around, waiting to see if it was who I thought it was. Anger boiling inside of me, immediately.

"IT WAS JOKE." Another muffled yell filled the air.

I stood three feet away from the idiot himself. Rian. My killer.

I wasn't sure how I got back there, my body dragged me along but, that was the least of my worries.

Rian chuckled, "You should have seen your face but, you didn't have to go and punch me."

The anger that was brewing inside of me, spewed out, as my fist, once again, drew back and landed on to Rian's face.

"AH!" He shouted in pain, "WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR?" He finished while craddling his face in his hands.

"That's for scaring the hell out of me." I replied menacingly.

I drew my fist back, one more time, "Now, where's my car?"

Rian shuddered under my hateful glare, " broke down."

And without a second more of hesitation, my fist flung back at Rian's awaiting face.

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