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Seths POV

"I wonder when she's gonna wake up, she's been out for a minute" I said looking at a passed out Harley "I don't know but she needs to wake up, we need to talk about what happened tonight" Roman says getting up going into the fridge "You know I'm not for this girl coming into the shield, she could have ulterior motives for all we know. This could be a plan from the Authority to break us up" Dean says angrily

"Something about her is different Dean c'mon you can't deny that, she's a female diva that hasn't showed this level of talent since Nalani. But it just so happens there's a rookie that has that fire, I believe she's a great addition to the shield plus she stands out" I said raising a brow at him "Yeah whatever I still don't trust her, but if the both of you do I guess I'll get to know her. But don't expect me to be happy about it" Dean grumbles

Nalani POV

I wake up with a pounding headache sitting up I see I'm in someone's room on a bed how the fuck did I get here I get up and walk out the door to see the boys talking but they stop when they see me

"Look the crazy girl is awake" Seth says as I glare at him "What the fuck happened to me, last thing I remember is being drag out the ring by Charlotte" I say as the boys look at each other "Well you kinda speared her into the steel steps hitting your head, which caused you to pass out but luckily we carried you back to medical. They said you were okay, so we got Paige to get your stuff so your hitting the road with us" Roman said smiling

"Goody I'm trapped with three boys time of my life" I say rolling my eyes

"It's not a picnic basket for me either sunshine but what's done is done so suck it up, I don't wanna hear your complaining" Dean says before returning back to his phone "For your information Ambrose I wasn't going to complain, I was actually going to thank you three for tonight. Now I don't say this often, but you three helped me even though I can hold my own you three came to help which was nice I guess" I say smirking and rolling my eyes while Dean glares at me "Well try not to get yourself in our business then shit like this wouldn't happen to you now would it" Dean says sneering at me

"Do you have a problem hot shot cause it seems like someone isn't getting their dick sucked at night, is that what's wrong?" I say raising a brow I know this is gonna tick him off but hey who cares "I'm just fine at night but it seems like you sleep with random superstars on the first day" Dean says getting up going into his room Seth and Romans mouths dropped

"Look Harley I'm sorry for that Dean didn't mean it like that, you just bother him for some reason" Roman says I put up my hand to stop him

"It's fine I'll admit I slept with Randy it was a mistake, I had no one at the time and he had my back. He had it so much to the point I had thought fell for him, it was my mistake to think he loved me especially after he said he always had a thing for me since NXT" I say and the guys look at me in shock

"I'm sorry he played you Randy isn't a good dude, he'll do whatever it takes to get to the top he always has" Seth says sipping his drink "Yeah wish I would've known that before, I always thought he was the good guy. I should've listened to my brothers I see why they didn't want me to be friends with him, but things change and so do people" I say sighing looking up to see them smirking at me

"We want you to join us Harley, your the most dominant diva on the roster right now. Your honestly the most sinister, the way you helped us win the other night was something different we haven't seen that since-" Roman starts but I interrupt him

"Since Nalani I know I studied her, she was a fabulous addition to your team. Plus she was one of my mentors, she helped me with so much if it wasn't for her I don't think I'd be here. But as for joining you guys, I don't think that's a good idea. I'm nothing but trouble and right now my focus is on Charlotte and getting that Divas title" I say it actually hurts to turn them down, I didn't think I would be affected by it but it turns out I am

"Well if you change your mind you always have a spot with us Harley, even if Dean is being a stubborn ass as he is. I know he'd come around to you joining us too" Seth says as I smiled. Seth always had a way with words "Thanks Rollins I'll make sure to remember that, and Reigns thanks for the kind words. I never thought I'd hear someone tell me I'm a dominant diva on the roster, if you'll excuse me I'm gonna chill in Seths room call me when we arrive at the stop" I say going into Seth's room, I really needed to be alone right now

I honestly feel like the weight is back on my shoulders, after I promised myself I wouldn't get caught up in the shield. I made that mistake once thinking they cared but I won't make the same mistake again.

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