chapter 6

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Chapter 6 - When will i see you again?

 - I really wanna see you.

Yara gave a sigh while looking at her into the mirror and hearing Jaewon's voice at the cellphone.Her bruses weren't really too bad on the face.On her body were worst but at least it couldn't be seen.

That was the lesson that Francis gave ot her.She was at the hotel.They didn't left Seoul yet.

 - I'm gonna try to escape again.But i really don't know where to go.He will find me if i stay again at my place.

 - Don't worry.I just tlaked to my annoying cosin and he had a place that is free.I'm gonna give you the adress and we will meet there,ok?

Like a amazing thing she managedto run away from the hotel while Francis was gone.She took a taxi and went at the place that Jaewon told her to go.

 - He hurted you....Jaewon said with sadness touching her cheek that was a little puple.I feel useless that i can't protect you from him.

 - I guess no one really can.she sad with a sad smile.

 - We apologize but we want you to quit this job.the chairman sad to her.

 - Cam i ask why?

 - We heard that you molastate one of your students.This we won't accept it.It is unbelivable.

 - Molastating?Me?

 - The name Park Jaewon is telling you anything?the chairman rased her tone.

 - of my students....

 - Let's not make things more worst miss White.I am expecting your letter.Have a good day.

She woke up at 7 am but so weird she still felt tired.She went to a walk to have a more clear mind and drank a tea at a coffee shop,where she saw a white woman staring at her.

Yara was about to go when the woman came ot her and started to talk to her.

 - I feel really pleased to find one of my kind in here.the woman smiled.she was having a french accent.

 - It is kinda rare hmm?Yara smiled shily.

 - I'm Marlene and i'm a photografer.she said shaking Yara's hand.

 - I'm Yara White,i used ot be a english teacher but i got fired.she laughed.

 - Problems?

 - Hmm?

 - You have some big problens?

 - Why do you think that?Yara asked nrvously.

- You will find it crazy but i am working with a young guy,korean,that has a look that always tells me that he has problems or a hard time.

 - So you can read inot people eye's?

 - Somehow..maybe.I do not know.Your look reminds me of him.You look like someone lost..

 - I am somehow....Yara mumbled.

 - It could sound weird but would you like to have breakfast at my place?I really miss having company.Marlene said.

 - Ok..Anyway i have nothing else to do.


Soon Yi was watching the news at the tv with a low volume.

She didn't wanted to wake him up.He needed rest a lot.

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