Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner Fanfic

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This Daydream is Dangerous:

Chapter 2: The Prince on the Couch


***Taylor S POV***

We were sitting opposite each other on the couch. Our legs outstretched under a checkered blanket. Me and Connor. He looked like a prince just sitting their, acting all high and mighty. It disgusted me.

"Wanna order pizza?" I said in boredom.

"Sure, that sounds great Tay" he said keeping his eyes on the T.V screen, not me.

He called me "Tay" too. I hated it. It made me feel like a child.

I had rather much be playing paper toss or something with Taylor than watching bridesmaids fuss over their "perfect" weddings as they were, but always thought there was something wrong.

He enjoyed this show somewhat.

I got up to call the pizza delivery, i got a text at that exact moment.


Hope you guys liked it but could you please give me feedback? It would really help with my writing <3

I've posted this but i posted it as a different book *face palm* i'm still getting used to how wattpad works, sorry c:

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