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1 week later

" Ariana Cruz, it's sad to see a young woman dying like that" The blonde says as she looks at the poster which was placed around campus to commemorate her 1 year death anniversary.

" Yeah that was a extremely sad day for the university" The duo were having lunch by sitting under a tree on campus

" How did she died?"

" It was an accident, all of us were friends. I can remember our first day here, Ari and I were roommates then I met Tucker and Arielle who is now my new roommate as well. I really miss Ari" She sighs

" Are you friends with Sydney too?"

Her head shoots up

" How do you know Sydney?"

" I heard her name in students mouths on campus

Note: Just to clear up any confusions, Mani is in her second year and Dinah is posing as a transfer student.

" We were friends and then we fell out so we are no longer friends. You know what I feel like since you and I have become friends you've been wanted to know about me but I dont know a thing about you. So we are gonna change that now"

" Okay what do you wanna know about me?"

" Everything"

" Well I'm a transfer student pursuing accounting, I'm here with my cousin Isabelle, she is practically the only family I have and friend as well. So it feels good to make a new friend"

" What happened to your family if you dont mind me asking?

" My father disowned me when I came out about being gay and I never really saw my mother. I heard she didnt want me due to my condition"

" I'm sorry and that's pretty heartless for your own mother to disown you due to a condition beyond your control and your father doing the same thing due to you being gay"

" Its all cool and the condition is not life threatening, it's just that I have born with a dick"

" Ooh thats interesting, so you can get girls pregnant?"

" Maybe" She chuckles.

Message from Laur:

It's going down at Tucker's house tonight on 12th.

" Hey I was wondering, there is a party at Tucker's tonight you wanna come?"

" There you go with another party"

" It really isn't that bad and maybe with you there you'll be able to keep me sober"

The blonde smiles

" Aight I'll be there then"

"I'll text you the details, I gotta go meet my friends at the library so we can start working on this paper you're free to join us"

" Thanks for the offer cause I need some help"

" Let's go get that A then"

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