{4} Investigation Part One

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Too many questions were unanswered, too many answers were unexpected. It didn't make even one bit of sense. Eren and Armin were on their way to ask Misaka, and were very optimistic about it.

One knock.

"Misaka?" Armin called, "Misaka are you there?"

The door swung open a little, "Oh, it's just you." she mumbled and allowed him in with Eren.

"What do you know?" Armin asked as they sat in one part of the room.

"What do you mean?"

"We've known you for years, and we know your hiding something."

Misaka wasn't surprised. Of course, she thought.

"Do you remember when we tried to protect Armin?" Misaka asked.

"Uhm...which time? We've done that a lot of times," Eren murmured. A dark shade of crimson crept unto Armin's cheeks.

Misaka shook her head.

"The time at the alleyway near the Thorne Hill," she said. Eren nodded, "What about it?"

"When you were busy talking to him about the outside world, there was a girl watching."

The two boys looked at her with confusion, "Everyone does don't they?" Armin asked, "No. It was different, I could feel it."

"Then at the king's palace, I saw her again, up at the balcony," she mumbled.

"Balcony? You mean the royal part of the court?" Eren asked with a shocked expression.

She nodded.

Armin stood up with a skeptical and doubtful look, "How do you know it was her?"

"She's one of the Thorne branches of the family. Her eye color-"

"Like mine..." Eren stated.

Both heads turned towards him, "Eren?"

"I had seen the girl plenty of times to notice our eye colors, yet her's was almost as if-"

"It was glowing." Armin agreed.

"How did you know?"

"I've read about the royal Thornes."

They all looked at each other and nodded, "It's definitely about her."

"Knock Knock,"

Three of them turned to the door, "Ackerman, the leader of the Special Operations Squad summons you." An unfamiliar voice sounded. 

"I'll be there."

They knocked at the door a couple times, "State your name and occupation,"

"Misaka Ackerman-" the door opened widely and the squad leader stood with the same bored expression.

"What was she wearing?"

All eyes focused on Levi as he asked the question. "I don't understand-"

"What was she wearing?" he asked again with his fist clenched on the table. Armin looked at Misaka and nodded for confirmation.

"She was wearing a royal gown."

He nodded, but before he could say anything else an urgent knock came through the door. "Sir! The king will be in the district in two hours, we need to guard him."

"I thought that was the Military Police's job," Eren asked. They ignored him but Misaka spoke up, "This is an opportunity, if the king is there, she may be there too."

"Lord Balto! I demand to go alone!" I yelled. This argument had been on for ten minutes, and I won't stop unless I get my way.

"Miss Thorne! There's a high risk of you getting caught!"

"There's no difference if I'm in the carriage!" I shot back.

"There won't be anyone to protect you if you're alone." I rolled my eyes,  I never knew that a selfish overweight king could be this...overprotective. But we all know it's not about my protection, it's about their advantage of me with my...inhuman supernatural powers.

The king sighed, "Fine! Just go speak to Nile, he'll know what to do with you." With that he shoved a mountain of cookies down his throat. I grimaced.

I walked down a table of food and found loaves of bread, secretly hiding it under my overcoat. The king had payed no attention, only to his chess board, I sighed in relief.

"You want to do what?"

"I just want to patrol the city alone, I need some...advise." I retorted back at him. He stared at me.

"Just...don't get caught, wear the same cloak from yesterday and use your...magic to hide in emergency cases. It can drain your energy and cause you to pass out, who knows where it will go from there."

"So I've been told, doctor." I sighed and went to my glorious room to fetch my coat and changed out of my clothes.

"Oh, and Thorne?" 

"Yes sir?"

"Hide your 3DMG." His footsteps echoed down the hallway as my eyes widened. Does he expect me to use it? My surprised expression turned into a smirk as I shut the door in my room.

It's play time.

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