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You are just chilling in your room and your TV plays some music.
Your parents aren't home today.
The doorbell rings and you walk downstairs to open it.
As you already expected,was it me.
I grin into your face and you knew what would happen now.
"Good to see you,darling."
You blush a bit and step aside to let me in.
I close the door a little bit too harsh behind me and you know that I'm extremely horny.
Your blood rushes faster and you get a bit exited.
As we walk up the stairs,you in front of me,you can already feel my hand around your waist and your breath starts to get faster.
As soon as we step into your room you close the door and sit down on the bed.
"You know my parents aren't home,right?"
My back towards you,I answer with a short "yes".
You can hear me rumble in my bag and get too interested in it.
"Hey,what are you doing?Let me see!"
I turned around to you and you can see the black ribbon in my hands.
You blush even more and breathing is getting hard for you.
As fast as you can blink,am I in front of you and grab your hair.
I bend your back so you're laying on the bed and I'm on the top of you.
"You little toy shouldn't look before I say so.
You're not a good girl/boy."
You can feel my hot breath on your face and the Lust screams out of your eyes.
I press the ribbon on your neck and give you a kiss at the same point.
I get higher and you can feel that I bit into your ear, a little moan comes out of your mouth and you get even wetter.
I smile as I hear that you like it so I remove the ribbon from your neck and tie your hands over your head.
But I didn't expected what happened next.
You use your tied hands as a lasso and wrap them around my neck to pull me down to you.
You can clearly see the surprise in my eyes.
I got back up and step away from you.
"You naughty slave,who said that you could do that? I'm your master and you have nothing to say,alright darling?"
You nod with fear in your eyes.
I smile softly at you and move closer again.
One of my hands hold your tied hands over your head and the other one goes to your back.
You can feel my nails in your soft skin and your moan intensifies.
I whisper into your ear.
"Such a slut can give such beautiful noises?Lovely."
I bite into your neck and and remove slowly your shirt.
"Do you like that,kitten?You want me to fuck you, right?"
You nod heavily and I grin.
I stand up slowly and walk back to my bag.
"Another surprise awaits you,doll."
My harsh voice give you goosebumps and you get more exited.
I walk back to you and you can see something red in my hands.
More ribbon.
"Let me hear your moan,babydoll."
My fingers move slightly over your naked body and your goosebumps intensifies.
I began to tie the red ribbon around your neck down to your stomach and between your legs to keep them open.
"You really want it,hm?"
I can already feel how wet you are and so I decided to be a bit mean and just lay down next to you.
"Oh kitten,don't look at me like that."
My fingers started to touch your skin and move around slowly.
I got back up on the top of you and look down with a smile.
You get a harsh kiss from me and my hand moves between your legs.
You're really horny right now.
Your breath is short and so I began to satisfy you.
I growl into your ear.
"You finally get what you want,right little slut?"
But you can't answer me.
The only noises that come out of your mouth are loud moans and harsh breathing.
My fingers move faster and your moan gets louder.
Even I get turned on by such beautiful noises.
"Oh baby,is that good?Do you like it?Because I really enjoy it."
I can feel that you're about to cum and so I start to put my fingers inside you.
The thumb stays to satisfy from the outside.
"Oh darling,you're so tight."
I began to moan and you're about to cum any moment.
Wihtin a second I move my fingers faster,let your hands go and tilt back your head by your hair.
You let out a very loud moan and then u cum.

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