Day 1: Fantasy AU "Lost and Found"

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„Ugh! Where is this damn thing?!"

A large man with silver hair stomped through the forest. He has never been here and yet he was looking for something special. Ironically he had no map or guide or clue. He let out a long sigh and sat down an a nearby tree trunk, taking out a peace of pergament from his backpack. On it, there was a painting of a purple flower with pink leaves. A rare flower. And it was his, Jean Pierre Polnareffs job to obtain it.

Well ... he was a hunter, actually. But sometimes he even had to accept jobs where he had to find special herbs, material or other stuff. And this was one of these jobs. And since it was a rare flower, the paymentwas really great. Not so great was the fact, that no one really knew exactly where it bloom. So the only choice Jean had, was to look through this whole huge forest and be lucky about it.

Just when Jean was starting to lose hope, he suddenly heard ruffling between the leaves and looked up.

His blue eyes met hazelnut brown ones in the distance. They belonged to another man that seemed to be a little taller than himself. He had chocolate brown, beautiful tanned skin and his long, wavy hair that was flowing in the wind had the color of the branches that would shake in the breeze too. Thats when Jean realized, it wasn't another man. It was a forest fairy. Red glowing wings grew out of the others'back and spread some sparkles around them. 

It was only a brief moment, but enough for Jean to think, that this creature might be able to help him. But before he could say anything, thefairy man turned around and vanished in the green of leaves.

„W..Wait!!", the hunter screamed, jumped onto his two feet and ran after him. There! That glint of red behind the bushes! Jean sprinted over there but when he arrived at the very spot, the lights were gone and presumably the fairy man too.

This kept happening again and again and before he could realize, it turned dark.

„Great."Jean sat on the ground. „Now I didnt find either the flower or that fairy guy .... and ... I also got lost on top of that...!" He was so angry at himself. Why did he lose his mind so much over talking to this creature?

Jean buried his face in his hands. „I am just .... lost ....", he sighed out after a while.

„If you are lost ... then I found you...", he suddenly heard a deep voice behind his back.

Jean turned around in a haste and this warm light made his desperate thoughts vanish within seconds. „It's you!", he whispered, not being able to say more.

Now he was finally able to take in more of the fairys' features. His muscular body was only covered by a see-through red robe. Luckily, his crotch was covered by a more thick fabric. There was a significant bulge though ...

Wait! Jean pulled away his eyes from that area and felt himself getting hotter. Why was he .... so intersted in that body? And why did it embarass him so much to think about his crotch?! He bit his lip, looking down.

Then suddenly he saw warm brown hands reach out for his and a wonderful sounding voice started to speak again: „I am Avdol, a fire fairy. I have seen you wandering around here for a while now. And I think you chased after me for a while now too, didn't you?" He sounded amused, so Jean tried to find this emotion in the others' face. He then noticed two wavey scars on Avdols face that he, without even thinking about it, softly traced with his finger.

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