Chapter 11: T̶h̶e̶ ̶S̶p̶o̶r̶t̶s̶ ̶F̶e̶s̶t̶i̶v̶a̶l̶!̶

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Izumi was skating her way to class with Shinsou and Sasuke. Shinsou woke up later than usual, Sasuke took too much time having breakfast and Izumi's mom kept asking her questions about what happened in the USJ.-I can't believe I fell asleep.-Shinsou sighed.-You need to sleep.-Izumi said as she skated faster. Sasuke and Shinsou started to run to keep up with her. They entered U.A., and went to their classroom.-Good morning 'ttebayo!-Izumi said. Everyone turned to her, and greeted her. They all saw what happened to her in the USJ, and didn't want to anger her. Aizawa entered the classroom, and his body was full of bandages.-Aizawa-sensei, I'm glad to see that your ok!-Iida yelled.-Y-You call that ok Iida, kero?-Tsu asked him.-The old lady overdid it. But don't think the battle is over.-he said."More villains?" Izumi thought.-The Sports Festival is close.-and everyone started to cheer up.-What's the Sports Festival?-Sasuke asked Izumi.-A competition of a serie of events. The pro heroes will see your abilities and offer you an intership.-she explained-By the way. Do you want to train together?-she asked him, and he just nodded his head.

Izumi and Sasuke were at Dagobah Municipal Beach.-I heard this beach was full of garbage before. Did you clean it?-Sasuke asked, and Izumi nodded her head. They got into an stance, and charged at eachother.

 They got into an stance, and charged at eachother

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-Not bad Midoriya.-Sasuke said with a smirk.-I'm just getting started Sasuke, and call me Izumi, please.-Izumi said with a grin as she activated her Sharingan. Sasuke tried to hit her, but she easily dodged the hits, and punched him away.

(Did you guys expected me to put all kinds of Naruto gifs? Well, news flash, I put all the gifs from different animes I want!)-Fire style: Fireball!-Sasuke said

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(Did you guys expected me to put all kinds of Naruto gifs? Well, news flash, I put all the gifs from different animes I want!)
-Fire style: Fireball!-Sasuke said.-Water style: Water bullets!-Izumi said as they both released their jutsus. When the jutsus made contact, they both exploded. Izumi threw some kunais, and Sasuke dodged them. Izumi then appeared infront of Sasuke and elbowed him in the gut, sending him some metres away. She then pinned him to the ground with kunais.-God dammit. I lost.-Sasuke grunted.-Hey, you put up a good fight.-Izumi said as she helped him up.-Yeah, but still.-he pouted. Izumi chuckled a bit.-I'm going to my mindscape to talk with Kurama, wanna come?-she asked him. He nodded his head. He hadn't seen Kurama in a very long time. Izumi transported both of them to where Kurama was.'Hey kit. You brought the Uchiha brat here, huh.' Kurama said.'Ok, that's just rude Kura-nii, don't treat Sasuke like that. Is that how you treat guests?' Izumi scolded him, which surprised Sasuke.

The next weeks, Izumi and Sasuke trained together. Izumi got the Mangekyo Sharingan, and Sasuke learned more jutsus. Izumi also learned the hundred and twenty eight palms as well, and Sasuke managed to perfect his Fire Dragon Missile. Today was the Sports Festival."I'm really really nervous."Izumi thought while shaking. Shinsou put a hand on her shoulder.-Don't be nervous.-Izumi nodded her head.-Sasuke.-he looked at her-don't hold back.-she said.-Same to you Izumi.-he smirked. She nodded her head, and she held her left arm. She sealed there her hair she cut before she started attending U.A. and in her right arm she sealed two kunais. They entered the stadium as they heard everyone's cheers. Izumi gulped. Nezu informed her she had to give a speech, and she was sweating bullets.-Izumi, why are you nervous?-Sasuke asked his friend and rival.-Well... IhavetogiveaspeechandI'mnotgoodatthatstuff.-she said, and Sasuke understood what she said.-You can. You literally are the smartest person I know.-he said, and Izumi smiled. She saw as Midnight called her for the speech. She slowly made her way to the platform. She cleared her throat.-What do you think a hero needs to be a hero? A quirk right?-she saw as everyone nodded their heads-well, I don't think that would be the right answer. I think that a hero needs hard work to be recognized as one, no matter their quirk or purposes. The sports festival is a way to show how hard everyone worked to make their way here. That's our will of fire, our hero path. So, let's do our best to make this sports festival memorable! Plus Ultra!-everyone was silent. Izumi sighed before jumping down the platform. The crowd then started to cheer her name. She turned around, and gave them a smile. When she returned to her class, Shinsou nodded at her with a thumbs-up, and Uraraka hugged her.-Amazing speech Izumi-chan!-Uraraka said as she broke the hug. Sasuke couldn't help but see Naruto through her. Her determination, her goals, her way if thinking... She was like him. Izumi smiled at him, which caused Sasuke to blush.-Let's start the first event!-Midnight said. On a board, a bunch of words started to appear and disappear, until they stopped, making a sentence: "Obstacle Race" Izumi thought as she read in her mind the words.

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