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name: katashi katsuo

 age: 17

 height: 5'6

 weight: 113 lb

 personality: hes nice,brave,cares for others,helpful

 nationality: australian

sexuality: straight

 likes: sports,training,cooking,

 dislikes: hates loosing,villains.

 quirk: water manipulation

 quirk desc: he can summon water from anywhere, he can make whatever weapon he wants but he has to think of the weapon, he even can turn into water and sneak attack on villains

 quirk weakness: if he uses his quirk more than 30 minutes,he can pass out,his ears begin to ring,and he begins to have a headache

ultimate move: tsunami,when the user focuses his quirk on his palms,after he does that he places his palms on the ground as water began to appear on his palms,when he presses his palms on the ground a bit hard,he can squirt out the water out of his palms turning it into a small tsunami,and it can push the opponent by a little bit

appearance: he has dark hair,he has heterochromia iridium which means both of his eye colors are different,which in 1 eye his eye is black and the other is orange,he has his nails painted,he kinda has spiky hair but part of his hair is covering his orange eye, he wears all black

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