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Aqua POV

Me: so I just heard that my cousin Marie is coming to live with us

Leah: omg I luv her

Me: haha she's cool but Idk I barely know her

Leah: Ngl she's my friend on Instagram and twitter

Me: -.-

Leah: I love you

Me: you're not Branson

Leah: so Joey is mad that we left him at the party last week

( group chat with Joey and Leah and Marie and Aqua )

Marie: why am I added in this

Leah: since you're coming to our school you need to meet my clique

Joey: bitch I was sucking dick

Me: bruh no chill

Joey: aren't you suppose to leave that in 2014

Me: suck my ass

Joey: you don't have on it's like a pancake

Marie: lmfao

Joey: yeah bitch laugh at my jokes

Leah: but yeah the 310 number is Aqua your cousin

Leah: and the 312 number is Joey

Me: yeah he's too gay to function

Joey: at least my sex life is A1 miss virgin

Me: actually no


Me: no

Joey: does Branson have a big dick

Joey: did you deep throat

Joey: did you choke

Me: I don't kiss and tell

Joey: well I'm gay so Idc

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