Born Immortal Chapter 32

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As Glin left the kitchen with a sleeping Jenny in his arms, Gerda announced that it was time to start dinner, effectively bringing a sense of normality back to what had been a very strange afternoon. The sun had gone down some time ago and the windows were now a dark reflection of the inside of the large, yet cozy kitchen.

Tyr gave Astyr a warm hug before going to sit with Frey at the table to discuss the details of his upcoming visit with Queen Elianna to straighten out this mess with Glin. Laure joined them to help since she had a lot of insight into the workings of the Alfar royalty.

Astyr and Hakon took up the job of setting the dining table in the big formal dining room which was the only place large enough for the nine members of the household to eat together while Gerda and Grima started to fix the food.

When they were alone together in the dining room, Hakon came over to Astyr and pulled her into a tight embrace.

"Don't worry about this, Astyr," he said warmly, "Your dad won't let Queen Elianna force you into anything, and I'd do anything to help you, too."

Astyr smiled as she looked up into his eyes. "I know that," she said as she squeezed him back. "Can you believe the nerve of Glin, busting in like that and saying I'm going to be his wife!" She started laughing at the memory and Hakon soon joined in.

"You should have seen his face when you pushed him aside on your march out the door!" Hakon added causing them to laugh even harder, "I would have fallen down laughing if I hadn't been so angry at him."

They were holding on to each other and trying to breathe through the hilarity of picturing Glin being shoved aside by an angry Astyr when they heard a loud explosion coming from in front of the house. They looked out the windows of the large French doors to see a blinding flash of light.

Hakon tightened his grip on Astyr and pulled her quickly away towards the door to the butler's pantry. As they swung the door open to cross through to the kitchen, they ran into Tyr who had a thunderous look on his face. He grabbed Astyr away from Hakon as he asked what had happened.

"I don't know," Hakon answered worriedly. "There was an explosion and a flash of light in front of the house. I was more concerned with getting Astyr back here to safety to stop and check it out."

Tyr grunted in approval. "You did fine, boy," he reassured Hakon as they all left the cramped space and returned to the kitchen.

Frey was closing his cell phone as they entered and Tyr looked to him expectantly.

"There was an explosion on the front driveway. The guards are going to go check it out and they'll let us know what's going on," Frey told him briefly.

Tyr's eyebrows drew together as he thought about the situation.

"Gerda, get some blood from the storage room, we should be prepared in case of an attack," he ordered before turning to address Grima, "Take Hakon and go get as many weapons as you can find."

As they went off to do as instructed, Tyr pulled Astyr aside. "I do not want you to leave this house for any reason. Do you understand?"

Astyr nodded but said to him, "I can help if you need me to. I know how to fight."

"This isn't about whether you can fight; I know how good you are, but you can't heal like the rest of us if you get hurt. I need you to promise me that you'll stay inside so that I can concentrate on what needs to be done out there."

"Ok, Dad," Astyr reassured him, "I'll stay here, unless I have to leave if someone gets in."

Tyr smiled at her. "Good girl. Stay with Hakon, he'll take care of you."

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