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“Yeah right.” I say “Just like you wrote all the books in this library? Hahaha” I said teasing him.

“No really.” He said with a serious face.

He reaches down his shirt and pulls out something at the end of a chain. A familiar stone is at the end of it.

“is that…” I trail off as he hands it to me. “Marc gave me one just like this” I say reaching for the necklace that I hadn’t taken off since the party. It wasn’t there. “what did you take it off of me while I was knocked out?”

“whattt?” he laughs “uhh no, check your pocket princess.” He says amused.

I reach down and feel the lump in my pocket, I pull at the chain to get it out of my pocket. “oh” I say embarrassed.

“soo.. are these like friendship necklaces or..?” I ask

“These are the the coolest thing about being a prince, youre born with this stone in your hand to prove your royal birth. It just happens somehow. Anyway, these stones are connected to us somehow. Here, take this in your hand" he said holding out his chain to me.

"Okay?" I say eyeing the necklace.

"okay good, now rub the surface of it and think something." he said.

"um no that's weird" i replied.

"just please?" He begged.

"Ugh, sure whatever." i caved.

i swiped my finger over the cool glassy surface of the gem. "i wish i had a cheeseburger" i thought to myself. Not breaking eye contact with him.

"You want some food? We have a pantry downstairs" he says coolly. "Oh and if you want i can help you get your friends back."

"What the hell!?" i whisper thrusting the rock back into his brown hands. "that's just creepy."

"I told you that its cool." he said smirking.

"So you said something about helping me?" I said changing the topic.

"Oh yeah sure. I've nothing better to do." he said.

"I don't get it... how are you the prince and yet I've never seen you before and no one has ever mentioned you? very questionable if you ask me."

He looked at me shaking his head. "I wish I could tell you but... that unfortunately is classified information. If i told you, i would have to kill you."

I looked at him intently "I'm sorry i asked." i muttered.

"You should see your face. I'm kidding kid lighten up!" He says laughing

"Kid?!" i retort "And how old are you, to think of me as a kid?" 

"I'm 21" he answers pushing his lips to one side in victory.

"Wow a whole four years, hats off to you sir, you win." I say sarcastically. "But seriously, what happened? Why are you not in the spotlight with the rest of your family and why does no one ever talk about you?" I ask.

"Long story short, no one knows i exist." he says looking at me under his thick brow.

"Can we be serious for one second?" i ask at the ridiculousness of his answer.

"I'm being perfectly serious. I'm the secret around here. No one knows about me. Not even Marc. My parents are the only ones who are aware of who i am. I have been out and about but i have never been noticed as anything but a member of the kingdom."