Emile Pov
I woke up with a massive headache and no one by my side. I rolled over and realized Jon wasn't by me anymore. I got up and slowly walked out of the room, Nearly throwing up but somehow I managed to swallow it done (ew xC). I walked past Lindsey's room and saw the cutest thing I have ever seen, Jon and Lindsey sleeping together, Lindsey snuggled up into Jons chest and his arms wrapped around her in a protective way. ^_^ I took a picture and posted it on Twitter and Facebook @ProtonJon and my new daughter Lindsey sleeping together. This is the cutest thing ever! I knew Jon would hate me when he sees it but I don't care it was too cute to pass up on. I walked back to my room and fell back to sleep, feeling slightly better than before.

Jon Pov
I woke up to my phone buzzing, I forgot I had it in my pocket. I took it out and realized Emile had tagged me in something. When I saw the picture I felt a blush spread on my face. 'He had to take a picture didn't he, I'll get him back for that later, at least he's feeling better' I told myself making a mental note to get back at Emile. I slowly stood up so I didn't wake up Lindsey and went to Emile's room, which had a sleeping Emile in, I smiled and crept over to his bed.
"Emile wake up." I whispered in his ear, he groaned and flipped over ignoring me.
"If you don't wake up I'll tickle you, I whispered again. He still didn't wake up so I climbed onto the bed (No not like that brain) and on to Emile (Brain go sit I the corner now).
"Alright you asked for it!" I told him as I started tickling him. He immediately woke up and started laughing. I tickled him more until he did something I didn't expect. He flipped over I was now on the bed being tickled.... that changed quickly if I do say. I couldn't stop laughing and neither could he. After a bit I had managed to flip us again where I was on top of him, out of breath.
"God it's hard to flip you when your sick, you know that?" I asked looking him dead in the eyes.
"Um... Never knew that. Now why did you tickle me!?" He practically yelled Humor showing in his Green eyes.
"You deserved it for posting that picture on Twitter and Facebook." I told him a smile now on my face.
"But it was cute! How could I not?" He asked me while laughing.
I laughed along with him, I liked his laugh a lot, he either used a hearty laugh or a cute chuckle.
"Are you two done with your tickle fight or not?" We heard someone say at the door.
We both turned our heads and saw Lindsey there with laughter in her eyes.
"Speaking of said tickle fight." I heard Emile say and before I could react I was back on the bed being tickled to death by someone sick.
"LINDSEY *laughs* HELP ME!" I pleaded looking at her as she fell to the Floor laughing her butt off. She shook her head now and left the room, still laughing.
Emile soon stopped and flopped down next to me, tiredness showing in his eyes.
"Go to sleep Emile I'll watch over her." I told him as his eyelids slowly fell. He gave a small nod and curled up next to me in a ball.
I smiled and gave him a small kiss on the head and layer down next to him, soon drifting off to sleep...
AWWWWWWWWWWW TICKLE FIGHTS ARE THE BEST THING EVER!!! I will make them a couple in a few chapters for now though. Next time there will be a time skip to Monday when Lindsey goes to school for the first time in forever. yes I brought that up again.
*walks out of room*
Both: Sorry!!

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