Part 18 ~ It Makes Everything Worth It In The End

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*Strong language present

Chances POV _ Time Jump To Katie's Due Date: I forgot what I said the date was of when she was due. But I pegged her at 3 1/2 weeks at Thanksgiving. So, 8 months past that is about end of June/ early July. So, I'm making the date: June 27th

I hate this, Katie kicked me to the curb. I've been a mess ever since. I don't know why on earth I ever said those things to her, I never meant any of them. I've texted, called, emailed, basically any known for of communication I've tried contacting her with.
Today's June 27th. Cory & Harper were supposed to be born, I take another shot of vodka, I know it's only 9am but honestly I don't care, I need the alcohol to dull my senses. So I don't feel the pain. A very slutty, sexy woman walks up to me.

"Hey, baby. Need a little action?"

I pause, and think of Katie. This woman would never compare, but I nod in agreement & take her up to my loft I bought above the club just to bang strippers & get my mind off Katie.

Katie's POV

I'm sitting in my bed, Martin put me on bed rest, due to all the drama and complications with little Miss Amanda River's siblings. Martin and I choose her name out together, since she will have his last name.

I'm bored, so I glance at my ring finger. An engagement ring sits. Yeah, that's right, Martin proposed to me!! I'm thrilled, I get to plan a wedding & we are in the process of me being able to adopt Estella and Oliver.

Suddenly, I feel a trickle of water run down my leg. At first I think that I pees myself, then pain happens. CRAP!! I'm in labor, I quickly dial Martins number. Luckily he picks up on the first ring.

"Katie?? Are you alright?"

"No, you idiot!! My water just broke, and contractions feel like hell!"

"Oh, crud!! On my way, I will be there in 10 minutes top!!"

"Hurry, Amanda is wanting to come!" I scream into the phone

"On my way!! Tell Cora that tonight will be overnight. I have to hang up now, I love you."

He hangs up, I call in Cora, Estella's and Oliver's nanny. She's this sweet elderly lady in her 60s.

"Cora!!" I screech.

"Miss, are you alright?" She asks

"Yeah, labor is a bitch though. Oh, Martin told me, to tell you that tonight would be an overnighter. Can you do that?"

"Of course!! I love love love spending time with the angles!"

"Thank you!" I say, gritting my teeth through the pain.

Suddenly, a child starts screaming and the other crying.

"Miss, I must I tend to the children's needs, do I need to call anyone?"

"Go, take care of them. I called Martin not to long ago."

Right on cue Martin bursts through the door.

"Hey, honey! Ready to have a baby?"

"Yeah, now let's go. I don't know how much longer I can bear the pain."

He helps me up off the bed, and escorts me to the car. I lean the passenger seat back, and grip Martins hand that isn't on the steering wheel.

"Oh!!' This pain, is..... AHHHHH!" I scream, I didn't know that this would be so bad.

"Your doing great honey!" He says, looking nervously at the road

After an eternity, we arrive at the hospital. I'm beyond glad that Martin has a VIP spot, right next to the entrance.

I wobble in, gripping Martins shoulder. A nurse is waiting with a wheelchair, and takes me back to the delivery room. I transfer to the bed, and immediately a Doctor comes in to check my dilation.

"Miss, Rivera. You are 10 centimeters dilated. No time to get an epidural, or any other medication."

"AHHHHH!" I scream, gripping Martins fingers. "It hurts so bad, and I need to push. I need to."

"Okay, on my count push. Dad, be as supportive as possible. One, two, three, Push!"

I push as hard as I can, the pain is unbearable. I push over and over.

"The head is crowning!" The doctor shouts "Keep pushing!"

"Ahh! Oh, ahh!! I hate Chance for this!!! I'm never ever doing this again!" I yell

"It's okay, honey. Our child's almost here, keep calm."

"DONT TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!" I yell at him, by the look on his face he obviously didn't expect that

---- 25 minutes later ----

"Okay, one more big push!" I hear someone yell.

"It's a girl!!" I head another voice say

Martin leans over and kisses my forehead. "She's here, our baby."

"I love you so much, it's amazing that your accepting Amanda as your own. Not many men would do that."

"I know, but she is mine. I'm her father, I'll be there for every fall, and I will be the one to scare off every boyfriend."

"She doesn't look like an Amanda River James." I say looking at the tiny baby in my arms

"What does she look like?"

"Mariana, she looks like a Mariana. We just need a middle name."

"Wren," Martin says "It was your grandmothers middle name."

"Mariana Wren James, it's perfect." I lean up and kiss him.

"Do you have a name?" A nurse asks

"Mariana Wren James." I say proudly

"Beautiful name, and congrats to you both." The nurse says as she turns to fill out the birth certificate

"I've loved you since the day I knew I was expecting. I will love you for eternity." I say to Mariana, she grabs my finger and falls asleep.

My baby has finally arrived, and I couldn't be happier. Except, that I notice the doctor is Chances aunt. I hope she doesn't tell him, she knew the today was my due date for his & my babies.

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