i got a breathalyzer, and my body's clean

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omigosh i'm watching the scott pilgrim reunion table-read and ahhhh i forgot how much i adore the cast and the movie. i keep quoting like every line dkhskslj

oh and i think as soon as i finish my other shows (basically just love victor and and avatar bc i'm lazy) i'll rewatch community episodes bc they're great :))

danny pudi is increasingly growing on me, i watched his interview with larry king and even though larry was ruining the moment, danny was still himself and he was so interesting and awesome like i love interviewing people and i would love to interview danny and actually listen to his answers :))

i'm watching scary stories to tell in the dark so i need to wrap this up but so far the movie is so good, i watched some behind the scenes stuff and honestly the effects looked cool without digital effects i can't wait to see it with the cgi owo

so yeah, love ya, buh bye!!


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