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SOTD: Crystal Castles - Not In Love (feat. Robert Smith)

I'm STILL sad there's no CC anymore ;(

But, go listen to that song!! It's one of my favorites!!

- Mr. Styles -

I had just arrived to my office. I set my briefcase on my desk, opened it and got some important paperwork out.

I decided to check my emails but nothing interesting caught my eye. Just the occasional parent complaining about how their child has gotten into trouble, or how their child is in a certain class they don't like. It's always the parents complaining about something so, so small.

Relaxing, I leaned back in my seat and my attention went straight to the students getting ready for their first class of the day. Two students making a drug exchange right in front of me sure caught my eye too. But, they know I'm not going to do anything and I won't either. I've smoked plenty of things in my day - maybe even yesterday... Eh it doesn't matter. I mean, a principal's got to relax, right?

My eyes slowly straggled their way to a petite figure standing by her locker.


She was wearing my favorite skirt; only it was hiked up a bit higher. And, instead of wearing knee high socks, she was wearing a pair of thigh highs. Damn, they looked sexy on her.

Something dropped out of the grasp of her hands and she bent over to retrieve the item. But, when she did so, I was in for a treat. I got a small view of her panties. The were cotton white and had ruffles on the edges.

God Damn. Did she have to do that? In front of me?

My thoughts drifted to the things I would do to her. I would prop her up on my desk and connect my lips on hers. I would open her thick thighs up and trace circles over her cotton-covered pussy. I would make her moan. I would make her purr like a kitten. My kitten.

My pants were already getting tight.

Just then, my fantasies were interrupted when a knock sounded at my door. How dare they do this to me? I'm in the middle of something.

I groaned and signaled the person to come inside to my office.

That's when my negative thoughts were suddenly changed.

It was Lola. Her hair wasn't in braids or pig tails together, instead, it was flowing down past her shoulders. And, her lips were no longer a pale, sweet salmon color; they were fire red.

I was too caught up in her beautiful looks, that I didn't notice she had her eyes to the floor and her mouth open to say something.

Her delicate fingers were playing with the hem of her top and all I wanted to do was take it off. But, I wanted to be respectful and hear what she has to say.

"M-Mr. Styles... I have something to discuss with you... I think I-I have... Maybe just a little..."

I had an eyebrow raised, waiting for her to finish what she was going to say, but she just kept stuttering.

"What is it, Lola?"

i didn't mean to sound so harsh towards her, I was just so eager for her to finish what she had started.

"N-Never mind... Mr. S-Styles. So Sorry to bother you."

She had tears forming at the brim of her dark, brown eyes and I know I had done something wrong.

After she made her statement, she made her way out of my office. Looking through the window, I could see her running away.

Way to go, Styles. You fucked this one up too!

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