Beep! (1) New Message!

I flipped up my phone to see I got a text from Zoe Sugg! Oh my lord! Fangirl, fangirl! I read the message.

Heya Sam!! I wondered if you, Dan and Phil would like to come to our annual bowling get-together?? :) I would love to see you again! We all miss you loads :3 you are so much fun! Talk later - Zoe x

I flipped out! I ran into Dan's room. He was shirtless, lying down on his bed on his laptop. I wanted to turn around but I couldn't. Honestly, I was staring at his a non-creepy way. But, I mean, he doesn't do any exercise yet he has a beautifully toned stomach. Like, whhhaaaa?

"Like what you see?" Dan said, smirking. I felt the heat rush to my cheeks and eyes widen. "Take a picture. It lasts longer." He winked, biting his lower lip. I can't take it anymore!!! Oh my fucking lord!

I tried brushing it off with a "You wish," but he obviously knew that I was 'eye fucking' him. I showed him the text and he agreed that he would love to do it. Then, I rushed into Phil's room and got his opinion on it and he also agreed. I returned a message saying:

Hi Zoe! Me, Dan and Phil would love too!! <3 thank you so much! Miss you too! Can't wait to see you again :P - Sam x

I did a little fangirl dance before composing myself and running into my room, flopping onto my bed. Today was a good day...


Hey! Sorry! Tiny chapter but it's just a filler for a better one ;) Can't wait till I finish writing it omg! you are gonna looooovvvveeeee itttt <333333

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