Chapter IV: He's my, uhm, boyfriend

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"Please be quick, Lance," Andrea murmured as she placed her phone back inside her purse and sighed heavily.

She could have just recognized his voice, but being on a busy state, she did not even bother recalling the voice of her too clingy ex-boyfriend, Matthew Kinsley. Matthew, despite being the awkward man he is, is a lawyer whom she met at her campus three years ago, him visiting as a lecturer for the day for aspiring lawyers. She could have just sent someone to fill in for her but being the rookie journalist of the university's paper, she had to be there plus she became rather curious about the fuss that the speaker of the day is hot and had become the resident hottie of the campus during his time.

True enough, Matthew KInsley is hot. And being the journalist assigned to interview him, it wasn't until a week after she turned eighteen that he showed up in front of her apartment door, asking if he could take her out. They started dating and eventually had a relationship but as their relationship moves forward, Andrea started seeing faults in her twelve-years older boyfriend, Like him always there giving her no time to spend with her friends.

"Matthew, I'm sorry but this isn't working out," she said, after he finished discussing a getaway trip to Bahamas with her to celebrate their second monthsarry.

"Why not? We've been together for two months and it's like two dog years," he said.

Andrea looked at him in shock, "Are you hearing yourself, Matt? Dog years? Really?" Andrea whipped out, making Matthew look at her in surprise.


"Don't honey me, Matthew. You know why I date older guys?" asked Andrea, standing up and moving away from the couch, putting as much distance as needed.

"No," he answered.

"Of course you don't know because if you do you wouldn't be planning a trip to Bahamas in the middle of the semester, not even bearing in mind that I am a sophomore!" Andrea said with bitter humor.

"Oh," was all he said and right before he can come up with a diplomatic answer, Andrea took her purse and left his apartment, without any thought of coming back.

Andrea blinked at the memory. Matthew was her first elder boyfriend after reaching legal age. Though she had made it clear she doesn't want to see him again, he did not stop bothering her until he left America, a year ago.

She checked herself out in the mirror again and walked out of the ladies' room, not wanting to be rude, even though she wanted to be. Manners just get the best of her all the time.

"Sorry 'bout that," she said as she slip back to her side of the booth, casting a glance at the door, wishing Lance burst in any second.

"it's alright," he said as he sip his coffee, the one that was not there before she excused herself.

"So, how have you been?" he asked her in a rather distracted voice.

"Well, I'm fine. I'm graduating this summer." she answered, adding the last part to avoid any personal question.

"That's Fantastic!" he said in a cheerful voice, with an underlying hope laced in his words.

"Yeah, I know," she said with a tight smile.

"So had life been, personally?" he said, adding the last bit after a beat.

"Uhm, well," Andrea looked for words but came up with nothing but the hums and wells and errs. She can't just say, 'I just broke up with my last boyfriend, Edward, and now we are friends,', can she?

"Andrea, I thought you left," Andrea's head suddenly popped up to see the man she so wanted to come and get her out of this really awkward situation.

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