32: Bros ( Mahir and Hamza)

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Mahir's Pov:

           "Finally we have sent all the invitations!" Ammi said as she sat on the sofa beside abba while Abba nodded. We all were sitting in our living room as it was sunday afternoon time after lunch.

"Yes alhumdulilha." Abba said.

         "Looks like Bhai isn't even interested in listening to you Ammi!" There goes Farhan who was sitting beside me on the side chairs. I just rolled my eyes and said,

"No it's not like that."

          I returned to typing the mail on my laptop as I was replying to one important mail of my colleague when all of a sudden my laptop was snatched from me.

"Ammi!" I whined upon finding her with my laptop in her hand as her face had straight look.

"Farhan is right. Mahir, i have been observing you since days. You haven't been paying attention to topic of your marriage! Yesterday also when I asked you to look at the wedding cards, you didn't even paid attention.

This is very inconsiderate of you!"

         She bursted out on me while I just listened to her obediently, as i knew what she was saying was true. And i couldn't care less about this wedding as it meant nothing more to me then a chance to take revenge from my Culprit of every suffering she had inflicted on me. And besides, past these days, have been hectic at hospital.

         Nevertheless , I got up and said to Ammi,

"I am sorry Ammi. I really am, but it was just because I was very busy at hospital these days. I am sorry. I will try to be better now onwards."

         She looked at me and shook her head. But then, she gave in when I held my ears and said,

"This time, I am letting you go but this won't work now onwards.
You are getting married this week, what will your wife say if she sees your behaviour!"

          "Okay Ammi now please give me my laptop back. "I said still holding my ears, when I heard the sound of camera clicking. Of course, it was Farhan!

"You mister! You will pay for this!" I said narrowing my eyes at him.

        "Fair enough! Then I will show this pic to Aayat Bhabhi!"he said laughing.

         Ammi went back to her place while I just finished the mail and kept the laptop away. As I was going to keep it in my room Ammi stopped me and asked,

"Mahir, don't you have to send invitations to your friends?"

         Friends... I merely had any friends in my life. As all my 'friends' had left me when I needed them the most.

       "I did send an invitation to Shahir , my colleague and a very good friend. Besides him, I don't have any--"
Before I could complete , Farhan started speaking,

"Oh! yes. Bhai we forgot to send invitation to Hamza, your best buddy from uni. I met him that day on your engagement.
Ammi, we have to invite him!"

        Hamza. He was really my best friend. Actually who was my only best friend. Atleast I thought that. But after the most unfortunate day of my life, when I had stopped calling him because I had already left city and left my mobile here, I had a hope that he will definitely try to contact me after my sudden disappearance.

How wrong I was!
In actuality, I was just another person for him.

          "Who is Hamza?" Ammi asked. Again the answer was given by Farhan when I tried to speak,

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