Chapter 5

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soooooooo,this is chapter 5 of

I fell In love with a Jerk A.K.A Mr. Popular!!!

ps;i noe the title's kinda corny but i just dint have anything else in my mind=.=

anyways,enjoy people!:D


When I din't get any answer,I turned to look at him but he wasn't there anymore.The hallway was empty.I was standing there talking to myself.

Somehow,I felt abandoned and ignored.I din't know why but I just did.I tried to ignore the feeling but it was just too strong and made me sad.

After a few minutes,I gained my confidence back and walked to my class which I knew I was terribly late for.Damn.


Chemistry wasn't so bad.The teacher din't really care I came late,she just waited for me to take my seat and continued teaching.She was an okay teacher.

The day passed by normally and when lunch came,I walked into the cafeteria and head over to the table where I sat with the girls on the first day of school.I was surprised to see a lot of girls swarming all around that table when I came.When I got closer,I saw the cause of it.

Him again.

This was the first time I had seen him hanging out in the cafeteria since I came here and it din't take a genius to guess that he was one of the popular guys in this cool.Geez..

Well,it wasn't hard to figure it out.He's hot and every girls dream.He even beat my celebrity crush that I had since I was small.Enrique Iglesias.

He was the most gorgeous man on Earth but Nate...Nate looked like a sex god.Everything about just screamed PERFECT.

I was kind of annoyed and well...jealous(A BIT!!!!!) when I saw him flirting with a pretty blonde who in my defense looked like a total slut.She was wearing this skimpy black outfit that most people would usually wear to the club not school.The back of the outfit was bare which totally made out of place.

I mean What the hell?Who wears that to school?She's a total IDIOT.

I squezzed passed the crazy girls thatz trying to mob NAte like he's some kind of superstar which in truth he actually looked like one.They were so annoying with their squelly flirty voice.

"HeyAshAsh!"I heard someone called who I found out was Naomi in a few seconds.

"Hey!What's with all this?"I asked waving my hand towards the slutty  girls.

"Well,NAte's sitting by our table today because he's still worried about Hanna.She's still having fever but insisted on coming school.He hasn't left her side since they got down from the car except for toilets and different classes."Naomi explained as I sat down on the vacant seat opposite her.

And Nate,being Nate......This is what he gets everytime during lunch..I mean most of the time but today it became massive since he hasn't been to the cafeteria this week.Kelsi added rolling her eyes.

"Shooooooo...I'm trying to eat here people!!!GOODBYE!"I heard Hanna somewhere hidden behind the mob of squealing girls.Her voice had a stern edge and was full of authority.Soon,the girls began to disperse away from out table and I finally could see everyone without any girls butt blocking by way..

"Oh hey Ashley,dint see you sorry.."Hanna said apologetically once she saw me.

"Yea me neither...Until I heard your commanding voice!"I said amused.

"It's so annoying!Go away Nate!Your being silly!I'm fine okay!!"Hanna complained to him.

"You still have fever Hann,I can't just leave you alone!"Nate retorted back.

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