Chapter 1 - Party Time

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CHAPTER 1 ● Party Time

Jason's POV

The loud music was pounding in my ears and the flashing lights were dancing around the room as I entered the mansion-like house filled with drunken horny teenagers.

"Dude! You finally made it!" Troy, one of my friends and also the one who was hosting this party, exclaimed as soon as he saw me.

I nodded. "You know I wouldn't miss an opportunity to party," I joked as we did the typical guy shake.

The blond boy grinned before yelling, "Yo everyone! Jason is in the houuuuse! Let the party begin!" This earned some loud cheers from the crowd while I just shook my head at my friend's antics. I could tell he was slightly drunk, but I knew from experience that he would be completely wasted by the end of this party.

He passed me a beer which I took gratefully before asking him, "Where's Ty?"

"Chatting up some chick in the kitchen, I think," he slurred and then started to nod repeatedly.

I laughed, thanking him and patting him on the back before making my way through the crowded house to find my best friend. I indeed found him by the refrigerator probably flirting with some random hot girl.

"Yo Ty!" I shouted as I entered the kitchen. He looked up and grinned when he saw me making the girl he was talking to turn around to see who he was looking at.

She was definitely a looker, what with her golden long hair and banging' body. Tyler had certainly picked her good. Her short black dress fit her like a glove and she managed to look sexy without seeming like a slut.

"Hey bro," he returned lazily as he took a sip of his beer.

I raised a questioning eyebrow at the girl in front of him which he understood.

"Oh this is Melissa, she's from West High. Melissa, meet my best friend Jason," he introduced us to each other.

I nodded at her and smiled as she waved back. When she had her back to me, I wiggled my eyebrows at my friend and smirked before leaving them to their flirt fest.

I squeezed my way to the living room where I spotted a bored looking blonde with green eyes on the couch with a red cup in her hands which so happened to be my really close friend Carly. I immediately started towards her and slid right beside her, a bit too close might I add.

"What are you doing all alone, gorgeous?" I breathed in her ear making sure my voice was husky.

She had been about to push me away as soon as I had sat down but stopped her movement when she heard my voice.

"Fucking asshole!" She complained half-heartedly as she shoved my shoulder.

I chuckled as I ruffled her hair to piss her off even more. It was just so funny to mess with her.

"I thought you were another freaking pervert!" She made a disgusted face while I sobered up.

"Who tried to touch you?" I questioned in a serious voice. I swear, if it was anyone from the football or hockey team, they'd be getting a visit from me! And certainly not a happy one.

"No one! Just some guys trying to pick me up with gross pick-up lines that probably wouldn't even work on the sluttiest girl. That's how much it sucked," she rolled her eyes at my protective tone. It wasn't my fault! Both of us along with Tyler had known each other since preschool and we were as close as friends could be. The girl was like a sister to me and if anyone other than myself or Tyler messed with her, then they’d be getting it for sure.

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