(Oreola) there are very different types of Bad

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Oreola goes back through every mysterious death so far this season. Watching and rewinding whatever footage she can find of the crime scenes, as well as the moments leading up to them. She knows that there are patterns involved, she just needs to find a way to see them.

There are four deaths, and somewhere inside these four deaths are all the answers she needs.

Mystery Death 01: ChilisHo

Mystery Death 02: BrabMeetsWorld

Mystery Death 03: Hahanowait

Mystery Death 04: SarayaNumber4Jillion

She's been over SarayaNumber4Jillion's death enough times now to know it by heart. SarayaNumber4Jillion saw something, right before she was killed, and it scared her. She tried to run but it was too late.

But it's not the same for the others.

ChilisHo has no reaction whatsoever - one minute he's walking along the hall, and then he's just dragged down to the floor, pulled out of view by whatever killed him, blood cascading up in every direction. Perhaps mercifully, he never knew what was about to happen to him.

BrabMeetsWorld slows down, similarly to SarayaNumber4Jillion. He hears something behind him, turns and sees it, and then starts to run, but doesn't even get one step before whatever was behind him pulls him down, drags him back, ends him.

Hahanowait is the strangest. She has the longest pause in between noticing whatever it is she notices and her death. She's walking along, doing something on her screen, and then stops. More like she heard something than saw something. She stops, blinks, then sees something. She crouches down, moving closer. Whatever she saw, it didn't scare her. It drew her in. And then suddenly it's too late. It has her. She's gone. A moment later, blood and entrails spray through the air where she was just standing.

So: ChilisHo and BrabMeetsWorld were surprised by something behind him that immediately terrified them. Hahanowait and SarayaNumber4Jillion saw something in front of them, suddenly, but it didn't scare them until it was too late.

So: that could be two completely types of deaths. And Oreola finds more, confirming this. The bodies themselves, or what is left of them, afterward. They're all so torn apart and gross they all look pretty much the same, but they're not. The closer she looks at Hahanowait & SarayaNumber4Jillion the more certain she is that they weren't attacked in the same way. No bite marks, no tearing of their skin and flesh. They're not so much ripped violently apart as they are exploded from the inside. It's all just so violent that the brain wants to see it all as just Bad, but there are very different types of Bad happening here.

She can't be the only student at the Academy to have noticed this, and a little research shows she isn't. Someone on the team Forensic Fuckers Dem has a theory noting the differences but explaining them away as the monster getting tired, sloppy. Do monsters get sloppy? The main idea of this season is so horrific no one wants to even imagine that could be much worse than they realize. It's not something horrific happening at the Academy of Mysterious Occurrences. It's two completely separate horrific things happening.

It still doesn't make any sense that there are all these mystery deaths this season and none of the actual deaths were captured by the zonnys. It makes so little sense that she has to wonder: what if they were? What if this all the information there is, and she's just not seeing it?

Oreola goes back through the deaths and beings overlaying different filters over them. Filters that intensify shadows, brighten contrast, boost colors and desaturate backgrounds. All the things we do everyday to hide our shortcomings, so we only display the things we want others to see about us.

She puts a shadow-boosting filter over the footage of Hahanowait's death and what she sees is so shocking she doesn't even believe she sees it at first. The second time, she gasps, drops her screen, and jumps back out of her chair, away from the scene.

What she thought was a shadow cast from whatever it was that killed Hahanowait turns out to be the thing that killed Hahanowait. Somehow. It makes absolutely no sense but she watches it happening, over and over again. Something pulls itself out of the wall, bending outward into the hallway, like a body leaning over the top of a building. It pauses there, then grabs her.

What. is that. What would do that. How could that happen. What is a thing that would be part of a wall and then peel itself away, like a body melting away from the wall, a shadow turning itself three-dimensional to attack whoever happened to be walking by?

Oreola's screen buzzes and she screams, dropping it again. But it's just a text, a note from Dorkidoria.


It's a video from the secret room behind Mik00la's class. There are two metal cages, one of which is empty, but one of which contains: something. It's scaly and has four legs (?) and so so many teeth. It's what Oreola can only describe as: a monster.


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