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Thank God he's offline.Damn. He's hotter than ever.

Her memories of campus started drifting back to her.

She was among the last people to report for the admission, in her defense, she did not want to interact with other people. Introvert problems. She arrived at the administration block with her best friend, Nora,half past five and lucky enough, people were leaving ;one here, a couple there minding their business, while others plainly sat in line and waited.

"Will you escort me?" Kate asked Nora, who shrugged.

"Nope, walk a while, they won't eat you up, I promise that.. If they do, just know you are yummy..." Nora said, winking and giving Kate the confidence boost she didn't know she needed yet, "I'll be waiting for you here, I won't move an inch. After all, its a ten minute thing, right?"

"Okay, if you move, I'll text your crush!" Kate threatened her, knowing very well she couldn't do so, even when high.

"Okay miss. You have my word."

Kate strolled to the now familiar administration center, for she had visited here twice in the past month so as to familiarize herself with the surrounding and not appear like the other freshmen. A slight breeze blew while she was going through the sliding doors and she swore she felt a literal chill.

Too much for forgetting my jacket in the car.

The admission process turned out to be a real hassle, being taken around in circles, repeating certain steps because she misplaced some documents and she had to rearrange all over again. Kate went and sat at a corner, deeply engrossed in getting her papers in order that she didn't notice someone approach her.

"Hi." A not-so-deep voice said to her, but Kate wasn't paying attention.

"Hello, Artemis ?" He said, a little bit louder now.

"Oh, hi, sorry.... I didn't see you there." Kate managed a reply, while still fumbling with her documents.

Shit, too much for letting Nora have my earphones.

"I saw you seemed kind of stressed out an thought I might help. They're almost closing up,and won't be available till Monday." The handsome lad next to her said. "I'm Don, Don Andrews." He extended his hand.

"Kate, Kate Brews..." Kate shook his hand, quickly returning to her medical documents that were somehow in her extra-curricular folder. "... Pardon me, it's just that I misplaced my sports documents."

"It's okay, you can improvise, right ? Either way, they don't pay attention at it, or any sports for that matter. I have an extra form, though had filled it with chess... I could give you if you don't mind." Don was offering an olive branch here.

Aaawww, that's cute of you.

" No thank you, I'm okay, I've found it. Funny thing, I play chess too. "Kate said, finally standing up.

She went to the dean's desk, he was the only remaining attendant in the booth as everyone else was gone. Kate quickly handed over her credentials, and was set to leave when it started raining.

" Hey," Don came to her side with a smile,"It's raining outside, and clearly you aren't well dressed for this kind of weather." She was dressed in a sleeveless top, with butterfly prints, and a short skirt, short enough to make guys have a second thought, but long enough that her thighs were well concealed. Her black stilettos really made her look like a twenty-first century Artemis.

"Apollo, it's hilarious you're...." Kate stopped mid-sentence and tried to soak in the living statue in front of her. Don was six feet tall, medium built, had symmetrical shoulders, a perfect face, well combed and gelled hair, and had some sunglasses that she hadn't noticed before. His tight jeans and a pair of Air Force One's completed his well tanned physique.

Damnnnn, if he's trying to pull off a 'badboy' look, he's not far gone. I'd give him an eight for that.

".... Wow, you really are an Apollo....I hadn't noticed that, your Highness." Kate tried her best not to turn into jelly infront of him.

"Come on, jokes aside, Artemis, you really need something on." Don chuckled, making a gesture of offering her his jacket. "Try this on."

"You don't have to, really, my friend is waiting for me by her uber near the gate." Kate made a show of rejection, but deep down, her hormones were on overdrive.

That cologne he has. It's soo intoxicating. Makes him soo attractive.

"Please. I insist. I'm not in a hurry either, I'll wait this out and my guys will come for me later." Don said, handing her the jacket.

"Thank you, I really have to go now. Nice meeting you, Dan." Kate said,putting it on in a hurry. She couldn't be in the same room as an art masterpiece, and she was getting late too. She quickly jumped into the rain,hoping to reach Nora before it got worse.

"It's Don, Kate. Call me." Don shouted after her, hoping she heard him, before getting back into the now empty room.


"Then the guy gave me his jacket inside the auditorium, I think his name was Dan," Kate told Nora as she locked their door behind her and went to set the kettle on.

"I refused but he insisted, he was so nice to me, and I didn't even get his number. Must be sad, isn't it?"

"He sounds like a nerd, the type of guys you fall for." Nora said, stating the obvious facts. Over the time they had been friends, Kate had dated two nerds, both being programmers, and one normal dim-witted guy, of which his relationship with her did not see a new moon. Nora, on the other hand, had a bad streak at dating and was currently nursing her third break-up in less than a year, all her previous flames always find something at fault with her.

"Yes, he definitely is, and who plays chess and reads about Greek mythology?" Kate continued, "That makes him more hotter than before, girl I wish you could have seen him. He told me to call him, yet he didn't give me his number, who does that??"

"Maybe you weren't paying attention, with your drooling face." Nora told Kate, who was becoming more ecstatic by the moment.

"I'll check later, this is my moment, just...... Okay?"

Nora then rambled about her ex, Mike to an already fantasizing Kate, who didn't seem to pay attention. Her first day at campus had been a success. She'd finished her applications, talked to someone other than Nora, and got a new jacket. It was pure bliss as she inhaled the intoxicating cologne all over Don's jacket and went to Netflix.

She finally logged out of Instagram, powered up her speaker and scrolled through her Twitter feed.

******End of chapter four*****

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