Reviewer's Note - 1/2/2015 - Book Idea

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Reviewer's Note – 1/2/2015

Hey yall!

I've clearly been reading a lot over the holiday break. I actually found three new books to recommend to yall. Yay! :)

I've also started working on a new book and it's actually about werewolves this time. Yeah, I'm a writer as well. This is one reason I never publish negative reviews :) I know how hard it is to put yourself out there.

As you know, I hate clichés and have a bunch of pet peeves about werewolf stories. I have a completed book here called "Busting Up the Bad Boys' Bet", which takes all the clichés I hate in teen fiction and turns them around in a romantic comedy. This is a little like that but not a comedy. I haven't written a werewolf story before because I was waiting for a unique idea to hit me. I have the general story planned out and the first several chapters written so far. I don't like to publish until I actually finish writing a book as I often go back and change things in the beginning.

I'm going to lay out the basic story and my ideas as I would love to know what you think! Please leave a comment or PM me if you have other things you really want to see or extra pet peeves you would like me to annihilate :) Please let me know if you don't like anything I included. Critical comments are seriously welcome. I believe in constructive criticism. If you follow this review book, you know I'll make comments about things I didn't like even in books I love. I dish it and I can take it :)

Working Title: "Every Were Has A Mate"

Basic premise: The alpha heir, Colton, identifies the main girl, Jessica, as his mate but she feels nothing. Jessica insists Colton is not her mate. He really isn't. In fact, she'll run into her actual mate not long after. Colton and his father, Alpha Fisher, are determined to make Jessica accept Colton as her mate but she's a strong woman. She isn't sure if she has a real mate out there but still won't even consider accepting Colton. She hates Colton and Fisher. They are evil, seriously evil. Fisher killed Colton's mother. He kills pack members all the time for insubordination. He turns soldiers into werewolves even when that is against the rules as made weres are uncontrollable during full moons. The story is about Colton and Fisher's pursuit and Jessica's determination to stay with her real mate. Fate's plan here is really to end Fisher's alpha line.

How it's different:

1.       First off, the title – every were is guaranteed to feel the mate pull at some time in their life. It could be seconds before one of them is killed but it will happen. Fate can be cruel.

2.       These weres are more like Teen Wolf (TV series) but no glowing eyes. They partially shift. They can shift completely into real wolves but can't shift back. Some of them do this after losing a mate. They turn into actual wild wolves and live as animals from then on. Only alphas have the mental strength to change back to their human forms (that comes from their pack).

3.       They don't have telepathy (words) but mates can feel each other's pain to a certain extent. So if one is stabbed, then the other would feel a pain at that spot but not to same degree as the one wounded.

4.       They don't have internal wolves like a second voice or entity inside them. They just have animal instincts and behaviors added on.

5.       Jessica is strong but this isn't shown by her punching people. She is mentally and emotionally strong. At the beginning of the story, we see that she has been pretending to be meek and biddable. Her ability to hide her emotions and reactions is a strength. She's smart and thinks things through.

6.       Jessica's real mate is not an alpha. He's a tracker, one of the types of soldier weres. He has very little authority but has the support/back up of his pack.

7.       There are no "rogues". There are "lone wolves" but they are weak. Their will is weak because they aren't backed up mentally/emotionally/spiritually by a pack. They aren't a danger to anyone and would never think of attacking a pack. If someone wants to be a lone wolf, no one would have a problem with it.

8.       Packs live in removed rural forested areas, usually near small human towns where they can go for supplies. How they interact (or don't) and hide themselves is addressed in the book.

9.       There are fated mates but:

A.      Rejection is considered impossible (explanation included).

B.      Mates still take the time to get to know one another. Being mates means that you are drawn to each other and are perfect for each other. The first thing they each want to know is why they are perfect for each other. It's customary to wait weeks or months, getting to know each other and falling in love, before actually mating.

C.      There are no marks / claiming bites. You become actual "mates" when you have sex.

D.      They don't have sex before meeting their mates because that would make them mated to someone besides their fated mate so that means no players (male or female). They are all virgins until they have sex with their actual mate.

10.   They believe in Fate and things like karma. The overarching theme of the book is Fate's perfection and ability to adjust to free choice. It makes us ask WTH? and then say Oh, okay. No Moon Goddess. Secondly, it is about how Fate keeps things in balance between good and evil, karma, and how too much evil is reigned in even if takes a generation or two. Thirdly, it is about the love that develops between Jessica and her fated mate, how they care for and support one another. Behind it all is the unique were species and culture, which is slowly revealed but you end up with a full detailed picture.

11.   There are no "betas" or "thirds". The next highest rank to Alpha is Lead Enforcer (soldier). There are also no "lunas".

12.   There is no sexism. Both males and females can be soldiers. Females are considered more vicious when defending, males when aggressing, but that's not a rule.

13.   There is a Council, made up of retired Alphas, who try to enforce the overarching rules of their society. For example, Fisher turns humans so he has sanctions against him and his pack for doing it. One of these is that no other pack will allow them on their land to try and find mates. The Council doesn't have a ton of power but they arbitrate disputes, trying to stop wars before they begin.

14.   Of course there will be very few grammar and spelling errors! :) I read my own writing again and again before I publish it.

So... would you want to read this book? :)

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