The Werewolf Next Door - Good

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Title: The Werewolf Next Door

Author: MadMaster

Genre: Werewolf

Status: Completed

My Rating: Good

Review Originally Published: January 2, 2015

Checked April 28, 2017

Reads: 1M

Official Synopsis:


Mia is your normal human eighteen year old, she worries about the mudane things. Now she'll have to worry about the dangerous, ill-tempered Adonis next door neighbor. Mercer Newman is a werewolf, not your normal Alpha, Beta, stuff. No, this is a story about the feral animals that lycanthrope are. Possessive, sexy, and jealous and he just keeps getting better.

A/N: I don't want to make this rated-R, because it is more MA-17. All the extremely juicy chapters will be rated-R and posted in a different "book" if you will. I will tell you the chapter before if there will be a adult themed chapter.


* This isn't your usual Wattpad werewolf story where they are like regular people but they shapeshift. These werewolves are monsters, killers, with animal instincts. Mia is kidnapped and kept in a room, tied up for a while, and kept from her family. Mercer is clearly not all bad, but he is going to change her against her will.

* If you have been looking for a monster werewolf story, this is one.

* This was me reading the book: Turns out the lead male has a "f--k buddy" who he still sees after he found his mate. Hate that! Skimming from here even though I want to stop reading! Okay! Wait! He frigging kills her! I want to read again :) Went back and started reading from initial skimming point (just a page or so).

* The warnings about it being for mature audiences are mainly due to the graphic violence. Personally I liked it. I have trouble killing insects in real life, but when an evil person gets a slow, gruesome, well deserved death in a book, I love it! :) The author puts warnings, and you could skip the most violent chapters if you have issues with that.

* Overall, Good. Could be a Favorite if it were edited. I love the story enough to make it a Good and recommend it even with all the mistakes, and that says a lot for me! If you are any worse about errors than me, you'll have to wait and hope she edits it.

* "The Vampire at the End of the Street", the next stand alone book in the series is not complete and hasn't been updated since 2015. TWND has a solid ending.

For my fellow grammar sticklers:

* Spelling errors are common but not enough to give me a headache. The author uses the wrong tense frequently and uses the wrong words (probably incorrect autocorrects). The author admits it needs editing. It's a testament to how much I liked the story that I was able to overlook this enough to finish – for me, that's really something!

* The author jumps from his and her points of view from paragraph to paragraph, which is considered bad form.

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