Distinctly Different - Good

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Title: Distinctly Different

Author: Miss_Ever_After (says Amethyst_Angel on cover)

Genre: Werewolf

Status: Completed

My Rating: Good

Review Originally Published: January 2, 2015

Checked April 28, 2017

Reads: 63.4K

Official Synopsis:

In the Kingdom of Amstia werewolves plague the towns and villages. Of all the six kinds of werewolves the white ones are the most dangerous and vicious. They are feared and hated by many. Arabella, a servant girl who works for the niece of the King just so happens to be one. All has been fine, no one has ever been suspicious of her, but is that about to change?

Driven by the need and desire to protect his people the King enlists the help of a renowned family of hunters. Now in addition to being careful around the usual people Arabella must be extra wary of the six hunters. With the arrival of the hunters comes added anxiety and worry. Every fibre of her being is warning her to be cautious around the hunters.

Will it turn out to be a certain son of the family of hunters that figures out her secret and exposes her?


* This is different from most werewolf stories, at least on Wattpad. It's set in a medieval fantasy kingdom. Werewolves are bad. There are no packs or alphas or mates.

* Arabella is a werewolf in hiding, like most others.

* There isn't much romance. It didn't get there until the end. Still I like it. The focus of the story is the witch hunt and how Arabella will survive. It's a good story and unique.

For my fellow grammar sticklers:

* There are significant errors. She forgets to open or close quotation marks and put n't at the end of words. Like would is clearly meant to be wouldn't, but it isn't bad enough to give me a headache.

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