Midnight stars [DENNOR]

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The dane walked out on the balcony, seeing his norwegian friend sitting on a white tree bench with a blanket wrapped around him, his gaze fixated on the midnight stars.

They lived in a big house with the rest of the 'nordic 5', which is what they used to call themselves when they went to high school.

The house was pretty much surrounded by forest, but one would be able to see city lights in the distance during the night.

Quietly closing the glass door behind him, Mathias made his way over to the bench and sat down beside Lukas, the chilly midnight breeze giving him slight shivers.

Without saying a word, or taking his eyes off of the stars, Lukas moved the blanket so that it was shared between the two of them, and Mathias gratefully scooted a bit closer to him to hopefully stay warm.

Following Lukas' gaze, the dane also looked up, and at the stars.
Since they lived far enough from the city, the stars were way clearer from their balcony than from anywhere with the city lights.

"..The stars are beautiful tonight," Mathias commented, looking back at the norwegian.

Lukas only hummed a response, his gaze still not leaving the star-covered sky.

Mathias looked back up at the sky. "Aren't you tired?" He asked.


"It's really late though.." The dane mumbled, and looked at his phone. He was texting Gilbert, when Lukas moved his hand and turned off Mathais' phone.

When Mathias confusedly looked at Lukas, the norseman only shrugged before taking the phone out of the dane's hand and putting it down on the bench beside him.

Mathias opened his mouth to speak, but stayed quiet when Lukas scooted closer to the dane and carefully held his hand, and looked back up at the stars.

A small blush spread across the dane's cheeks, and he slightly smiled before looking back up at the skies, as well.

"They really are beautiful," Lukas repeated from earlier.

Mathias nodded. "Sure are," he whispered.

Lukas looked at Mathias, noticing how the dane's eyes seemed to glow in the dark night.
He stood up, adjusting the blanket over the dane. "I'm going to sleep," he said, leaning down to give Mathias a small kiss on the cheek.

The dane looked surprised, but didn't say anything as Lukas walked back inside, softly closing the door behind him as he walked back to his room.


Short dennor oneshot at 4 AM? Yes

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