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"What's wrong, Kakarot, you didn't answer me. Let's try this again. If you want your son back, I want you to eliminate 100 Earthlings by this time tomorrow... Do you understand?"

"You're a monster," I squeaked, silently praying he didn't hear me. He did; Throwing another smirk in my direction, I sunk further down into the ground. I was paralyzed in my position. Even if I wanted to move (I will swim all the way back home if I have to), I couldn't.

Raditz continued to threaten Gohan's safety, as well as the safety of the planet; "So you see, brother, whether you kill 100 Earthlings now or not, in the end, the result is the same." A wicked grin was spread across his pernicious and smug mug. Goku mustered up enough strength to grab his foot, but that was all he could do. He pleaded for Gohan to be left out of their sibling squabble but Raditz was relentless. "I wish I could, Kakarot. But you understand, I need to give you a little extra incentive to do what I've asked." Goku tried one last time to convince Raditz to leave Gohan alone but to no avail. Raditz kicked his hand off with ease and prepared to fly off.

"Please," I whispered. Tears were beginning to stream down my cheeks. I looked up at the man, completely vulnerable and shaking with fear. "Please, let him go. Gohan doesn't deserve this. T-Take me instead." The rest gasped at my sacrifice. "Tenshi, no," Goku groaned, "You can't!" I continued to stare at Raditz, eyes full of sincerity and hurt. He chuckled, "You're brave, kid, I'll give you that." He pondered for a second and looked around. He saw Goku try harder to get up and deduced that I, too, meant something to him. He turned back to me, "Very well. But don't think I'll let this brat off so easily. I'll take both of you."

"No!" Goku yelled.

"Oh, come on now, Kakarot. She volunteered! I'm just simply complying with her request. However, with that said, if you want to see both of these children again, you're going to have 200 bodies on this beach by tomorrow." He grabbed me by the back of my shirt and lifted me in a way similar to how he was holding Gohan. The three of us were lifted off the ground, leaving behind the four adults on the beach. The last thing I saw was Goku reaching for us with a pained expression. "I'm sorry," I mouthed. Gohan continued to cry and kick in Raditz's arms as he called for his daddy but it was no use. Raditz had a tight grip on both of us.

"Gohan," I said, "Stop it. They're going to save us. I promise." Our capturer laughed, "The only way you two are going to be safe is if that spineless fool kills 200 people by tomorrow. Don't get your hopes up, kid."

"Don't talk about my daddy like that!" Gohan roared, but Raditz ignored him. The flight was quick and silent as Gohan stopped crying for the time being. In the distance I saw a large crater with what looked like a pod of sorts in the center. We landed and Raditz promptly, and harsly, dropped us to the floor. He walked away for a minute, leaving Gohan and I by ourselves. "That bully. I hate him... Big jerk." Gohan began to tear up once again, but I held him close to me to cease the crying. "It'll be ok, Gohan. I'm sure your dad is on his way right now to rescue us. We're going to be alright." Raditz's footprints were heard as he scaled up the crater. Gohan whimpered at his presence, but I remained staring at the man, not daring to cower. He stood tall in front of us, his huge stature casting a shadow that loomed over us. "Your bravery is recognized, child. Even though you are not of Saiyan blood, courage and pride runs through your veins. You, on the other hand," referring to the sniffling Gohan in my arms, "are an embarrassment. I don't know what my pathetic brother has taught you, but that's going to change quickly. We're going to shape you two to be fine warriors."

"We're never going to join your space-pirate crew! Goku is going to defeat you before you even get the chance to take us into space!"

"Don't waste your breath, kid. Even if he dares to challenge me, I'll kill him." I growled at his response. "You don't know what you're talking about! My daddy is the strongest! He's going to beat you!" Gohan continued to shout at his uncle, sticking up for his father. Raditz simply rolled his eyes at the shouting child and picked him up.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?!" I followed behind the man, clawing at his hands to release Gohan. He opened his pod and hastily threw the boy inside. "He was starting to get on my nerves. Now are you going to get in willingly, or will I have to throw you in as well? The pod should be big enough for the two of you." I didn't have a choice but to obey. I was stubborn for sure, but there was no way I was going to push Raditz's buttons like that. I mean, he brought Goku down with one hit! Imagine what he could do to me!

When I got in the small space, Raditz closed the door. The two of us sat in the confined space, waiting for our savior.

"Daddy's coming to save us, right?" Gohan was starting to tear up once more. Bringing him into my arms, I cradled his head in my chest. "Of course he is. He's probably on his way right now. I promise, Gohan, Goku is going to rescue us." He weakly nodded his head and snuggled closer in my arms. We sat in that position for a few minutes before I heard a familiar voice. I was faint, but it sounded like Goku!

"I'm here to get my son and daughter back... Where are they?" Gohan picked his head up, "That's my Daddy!" He started banging on the door of the pod, but it proved useless as we were too far. We tried to listen more closely to their conversation, but they were talking too soft. I sensed a third person; but who could it be? Krillin? Master Roshi? Two of the power levels were close in numbers while one was much higher.

"What do you think is happening, Tenshi?"

"I don't know, Gohan. But there's not much we can do right now. We just have to be patient for now."

A few more minutes had passed and we saw Goku hovering in the air peering down at us. He had a determined look on his face. I knew he was going to do whatever it took to get us back - even if it meant his life. So, while Gohan was crying for Dad to save us, I just nodded at Goku. I knew what he was going to do. He was going to save us one way or another.

"Be strong, guys! I'll be down to help you in a minute. Just hold on!"

I managed to calm Gohan once again, but it was proving to be difficult. I, too, was getting riled up. I didn't know what was going to happen to Goku or his ally. I would sense the power Raditz had over the two of them. It was potent that he was stronger, but I couldn't lose hope. Goku is going to win.

He has to. 

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