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okay i know i already posted today but it was super early so i am allowed to post again :))

anywho that whole bi/pan thing has been resolved :)) after my breakdown i took a long cold shower and thought about why i was upset and why i thought those people were right. and then i realized that good people don't restrict others. plus, think of it as children (a tactic i use a lot) let's say bisexual and pansexual were the EXACT SAME THING, and one kid likes pansexual but the other kid likes bisexual better. which adult is treating the kids better? the one that encourages the kids to be themselves without apology or the one that tells them they can't express individuality and they have to abide by strict rules? exactly, why do you have to restrict others to societal norms or whatever you think is best? sometimes people have different labels they're comfortable with, they have different lives and interests so you don't need to worry about it, just go with the flow :))

so i debated with them a bit, i apologized for unknowingly using the word honey bc we aren't monsters who use dysphoria as a fight tactic in this household (yes that was a lesson, don't use that crap), and despite them still hitting me up with their same tired excuses that contradict each other, i feel great :) i asked my friends what they thought, just to make sure i'm not actually being close minded, and they whole heartedly agreed and that made me feel so much better. and the friend that unwittingly made me feel better tried to debate with me that i am a great human being but i didn't back down so i fought her to tell her that she is the true great being and won like a champ :)

oh and who allowed glow to be terrible in the third season? not terrible but season one and two were much better :) yes i am trying to finish glow after watching allison brie in community deal with it

danny pudi is still precious and i still love him, slowed down music while it's raining outside is very calming, love ya, buh bye!


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